5 Tips on How to Decorate Your Office on a Budget

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Figuring out how to decorate your office is more complicated than it appears on the surface. One of the biggest factors is always going to be your office's operating budget.

You'll want to find cool office decor, sure. But it can't be so cool and cutting edge that you have lay people off to pay for office renovations.

The people matter most in your office. But there are office design ideas that don't require you to spend a lot of extra money. Read on for five of the best tips. 

1. Get Plants

You can get office plants almost anywhere, from the grocery store to a booth on the side of the road. While they look nice, research shows they can also make your employees feel nice.

That's right: house plants can reduce stress and make you more productive. And they're much cheaper than a company-wide yoga retreat.

2. Invest in Chairs

You can get cheap modern furniture that doesn't require your employees to have sore backs. If an employee asks for a new chair, don't ignore them. Chances are, they've been uncomfortable for a while before speaking up.

Your employees deserve ergonomic chairs that will keep them focused on their work. Since price is a consideration, look for the best office chair under $300.

That price point gives you plenty of options. It also ensures that the chairs you get will last for a long time before the next replacement.

3. Don't Cut Out Coffee

The break room coffee machine may seem like an optional piece of office decoration. But be very careful about removing it unilaterally and telling everyone to drink water. 

In many offices, coffee is all that keeps employees going after a night where they couldn't sleep. Even if not everyone drinks coffee, the smell of brewing espresso can make people feel more productive and awake. 

4. Eliminate Clutter

If you can't find a piece of furniture or equipment, you may decide you've lost it. But you may not have lost it. It might be hiding amid the clutter. 

Now, your office shouldn't be so messy that you regularly lose copy machines. But smaller items are more likely to go missing when everything feels chaotic.

Announce a company-wide clean-up day. If everyone is doing it, they'll be less likely to complain.

5. Add Paint 

It's impossible to discuss business office decorating ideas without also discussing the walls. Do you know how old your paint is? 

If you don't, then you can look at your walls for clues. Paint that's peeling or faded is telling you something. 

If your walls always look dirty or beat-up, that's another sign. You and your employees have the right to work in a space that feels like an office, not an abandoned warehouse.

A couple of coats of paint is a cheap way to boost the whole look of your business. 

How to Decorate Your Office

The above tips should help you get started. But knowing how to decorate your office is often a matter of trial and error.

You may make mistakes. But focusing on cheap modern furniture makes it less likely that you will make a costly mistake. 

We have got everything you need to run an office in a way that is economical. Make sure to bookmark our site to get the latest tips. 

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