5 Things To Consider While Buying A Router

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Are you planning to get yourself a new router? Are you not sure what things to keep in mind while buying one? Well we are here to help you out regarding some features that you must look for in a router before purchasing it 

1. Advanced Features

Just like smartphones, personal computers and other gadgets, routers too are at risk of being attacked by viruses and hacking.in order to keep your router safe you must buy a router that claims to be well protected by firewalls, antivirus and VPN. 

Although all routers claim to have such advance features, in reality they perform poorly if they are cheap. We suggest that a considerable amount of money that is spent on a good quality router is not at all wasted. 

2. USB Port Is A Must 

A router that cannot be connected to several devices via a USB port might do no good to you. A USB port is an essential feature when it comes to wireless routers. Furthermore, it is most preferable that it is a USB 3.0 port. This will help you connect your new router to devices such as printers, hard disks and modems of course. 

In case you want more than one USB ports then you would have to go for some more advance options and that would obviously demand more money from your pocket. 

3. The Smarter The Better

In a world where everything is getting smarter day by day, routers have gone smart as well. These routers will enable you to get their mobile apps on your smart phones. The apps will allow you to manage advance features of your router in a more convenient way. One the other hand you to choose the router company wisely. As we know that there are many brands in the market. 

The top one is Netgear, Asus, Tp-Link and more. Here’s Netgear vs Tp-link guide to help you go through the decision making process.
One major issue with using the router app is that it can only function when the internet is available, and if by any chance your router isn’t working, you probably would not be able to fix it through the mobile app because internet would not be available.

4. The Faster The Better 

Whenever you think about a router the first thing that comes to mind is the internet speed that it would provide. Whether, you are loading blogs or YouTube video, speed is necessity. Like if you are a blog owner like me, you would probably know how much speed matter. We are running after best hosting all the time. But sometimes, speed issue is from client side. 

It can ultimately lead to a bad experience & reputation on client for your site. Many people complain that even when their router company claims to be providing much fair speed, still their internet seems to be quite slow, well this is because they have not been told the real speed. 

In fact they have been told the optimal speed that the router can provide in ideal conditions. We all know that we can never create the lab like ideal conditions at our homes or work places with routers, thus the best thing to do would be to check genuine reviews of other. 

5. Multiple Band Routers

Multiple bands allow routers to catch signals on multiple Wi-Fi frequencies. The most crucial band is 2.4 GHz. When only one band is present, it’s this frequency band. This is because it is most versatile band. Additional bands like 5 GHZ then have various frequencies that can be very useful with certain devices and are designed to cope with more advance features and devices.

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