How To Easily Set Up Swimming Pool Automation

how to set up swimming pool automation

For most families, the pool area becomes the favorite hangout space with attractive aspects all around from water features, decorative drain grate systems, decks, and other installations. This is where you can all meet, relax, unwind, have fun with friends and do much more. However, maintaining a pool can be a hassle if you don’t adopt the latest technology. 

With technology taking over virtually every aspect of modern life, it’s advisable to stay up-to- date with the trends. Automation is one of these trends, and many homeowners have embraced this innovative technology to make their properties safer, convenient, and comfier. 

This post examines pool automation as a home improvement idea and seeks to assess how easy it is to complete the automation process. 

What Is Swimming Pool Automation? 

Pool automation is a smart idea if you want to maximize this amazing outdoor installation. Gone are the days when you had to flip multiple switches to heat the water, control the pump system, clean the pool, light up the pool area, and much more. 

Today, automated pool systems allow you to do all this from one control panel or an app on your smartphone. With the best pool autofill system, you can now operate all of the pool equipment and functions easily and on schedule. The automated pool system also comes with extra features to make pool operation seamless and convenient. 

Imagine a scenario where you are running late from the office, yet you have an evening pool party. You can easily start heating the pool with a tap on an app. If you are vacationing, you don’t have to worry about pool maintenance because automated systems ensure cleaning on schedule. 

Some pool systems also integrate camera systems through which you can scan the pool area. You can check the condition of pool grating after storms even when vacationing thousands of miles away using such camera systems. 

Swimming pool automation offers an array of benefits to the homeowners. Take a look at the advantages of swimming pool automated solutions below: 

1. Easy Chemical Maintenance

The automated system does the tedious job of adjusting chemicals and frequent water testing. You only need to program the system to target your best chemical balance. 

2. Convenience

A Multi-system automated control can include LED light strips, water leak sensors, sound systems, multiple smart outlets, built-in app for all devices, pool covers, robotic automatic pool cleaners, and motion sensor alarms. 

3. Energy Efficiency

A remote-controlled variable-speed pump ensures you save on energy when running your pool. You can run your pool only when you need it, and this saves you a lot of money. 

4. Peace Of Mind

An automated swimming pool gives you some peace of mind whether you are in the house or away. You don’t have to worry about pool flooding if you have installed swimming pool overflow grating, pool cleaning, among other things. You can also keep water at the proper level at all times. 

Is Swimming Pool Automation Easy? 

Different swimming pool automation systems use different protocols to operate. Some rely on an app to remotely manage the pool. Other systems allow on-premise automatic function without the use of a mobile device. 

You can have a control panel installed inside the house for easy operation of the swimming pool. If you want to enjoy a swim after dinner, you simply use the control panel to heat up the pool. 

Swimming pool automation is easy because these systems are flexible and easy to customize. You can find an automation system with settings suited for vacationing, daily and seasonal changes, spa nights, and parties and other modes. You only need to find the perfect setting to run your pool seamlessly. 

Some of the automation systems on the market are intelligent. They work on top of your existing pool equipment and convert it to a smart pool. You can also opt for basic or medium automation systems depending on how much control you want over your pool. 

If you want the best results from the automation process, you can go for further pool automation integration. Consider Software integrations, such as IFTTT, which automates processes based on multiple trigger actions. You can connect other systems such as landscape lights and electrical outlets and check whether the condition of the pool swimming pool grating. 

Voice Assistant Device Integration is another trend in pool automation. Some automated pool systems can even work with digital assistants such as Amazon Alexa. This means you can use voice commands to operate your swimming pool. Imagine operating your swimming pool by simply saying, “Hey Google, heat the pool.” 

Some factors that determine the cost of the automation include the pool type, size, and complexity. The presence of a spa will increase the cost while the brand, and model of the automation system add to the budget. If you need a smartphone app, you’ll pay more for the automation project. 

Final Thoughts On Swimming Pool Automation Setups

You have a smart house, why not also have a smart pool? A pool is one of the greatest additions to your home. It has a transformative effect on not only the outdoor space but also the quality of life for your family. With automation, using the pool becomes even more relaxing as you have more control. With so many advances in technology, it’s easy to automate your pool today.

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