10 Pros & Cons Of Digital Marketing In Mobile App Development

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Each day, millions of people worldwide go to the internet to communicate with friends, transact business or glean information. The internet has changed the way we do virtually everything. In the early days of the internet, some large companies that were accustomed to their brick and mortar structure and way of doing things refused to give their businesses an online presenceOver the years, a majority of those companies have gone out of business. The digital age has come like a tidal wave, sweeping everything in its path. 

As a business owner you are left with two options; to jump on the wave and ride mobile apps to business success or stand against it and get swept away. Any major business or top app development companies and agencies without an online presence here is not likely to reach its full potential. 

Marketing refers to the act of reaching customers at the right time in the right place. The internet is rich with potential customers, so it only makes sense that digital marketing is the next point of call for top app development companies hoping to reach their zenith. Digital marketing refers to any form of promotion of good or service that is done on the internet or on electronic media. There are several digital marketing services that are available to individuals, small-scale business owners, and even corporations. Some of the most popular digital marketing services include; social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, Pay Per Click, mobile applications branding, and affiliate marketing. 

There are tremendous advantages to employing digital marketing for the promotion of your business, but just like most things in life, digital marketing also has its cons. Before opting to utilize digital marketing for your business it is essential you fully understand everything there is to know about digital marketing; pros and cons, strength and weakness etc. This knowledge will improve the chances of success of your digital marketing effort as well as give you a more realistic expectation. Below are 10 pros and cons of digital marketing with regards to mobile app development: 

Pros Of Digital Marketing In Mobile App Development

1. Low Cost 

This is one of the most important advantages of digital marketing for top mobile app development companies. If you have a very tight budget, then you can consider digital marketing and still yet realize good returns. You can set up accounts on some platforms for free and run ad campaigns on them, provided you are ready to put in the effort that it requires. Even when you have to pay for digital marketing, the cost is much lower compared to other traditional forms of marketing. 

2. Wide Reach

Top app development companies can benefit from the wide reach that digital marketing offers. Traditional marketing usually has a target audience; magazine readers, television viewers or listeners of a particular radio program. Therefore their reach is very defined. Digital marketing, on the other hand, has an extremely wide reach, there is virtually no one you can't reach with your marketing message, as long as the person is connected to the internet in one way or the other. 

3. Super Fast 

Another reason top app development companies utilize digital marketing is because it is super fast. It takes just a few minutes to compose or create a marketing campaign and publish it. In this age where the attention span of an online user has fallen as low as 8.25 seconds, digital marketing is exactly what is most needed. 

4. Brand Interaction 

Digital marketing encourages brand interaction. It creates an opportunity for customers and potential customers to communicate with business owners, to express their concerns and ask relevant questions. Such interaction builds relationships, and relationships are highly essential in sales. When customers feel more comfortable with you, they have a greater chance to patronize your good or service. 

5. Easy To Set Up & Manage

Setting up an account on a majority online platforms is easy and free. It takes just a few minutes to set up an account and requires an average tech knowledge to manage. Virtually anyone can set up a digital campaign accessible on mobile devices and run profitable ads. 

Cons Of Digital Marketing For Mobile App Development 

1. Digital Marketing Is Time-Consuming

Digital marketing may not cost you so much when you look at it from the financial side, but when it comes to time, it consumes a tremendous amount of time. What is saved from the monetary aspect is reinvested in additional time. The majority of digital marketers spend between 6-11 hours every day online. 

2. Exposure To Negative Public Reaction

When you are promoting your good or service online you have to prepare yourself for negative feedback and comments from different quarters. A business with an online presence, particularly on social media, opens itself up to negative reactions. Some of these reactions will come from people who have been genuinely hurt by your good or service, but some will come from spammers, scammers and internet trolls who just think it is fun to cause you heartache or bring your brand down. Top app development companies with an online presence have thick skin to withstand the onslaught from these negative elements. 

3. It Can Take Control Out Of Your Hand

This point is two sides. Sometimes it could be a good thing as your campaign can go viral giving tremendous exposure to your brand. On the other hand, it can be a bad thing when someone takes what you have published and write a negative report about it, which then goes viral. There would be no way to stop the backlash. One minute you are a good business owner loved by his community, next you are a worldwide pariah. 

4. Difficulty In Measuring Return On Investment 

Very few digital marketers can reliably measure their return on investment for their marketing effort. Some marketers confess that they are not sure if they are measuring their ROI metrics correctly while some do not even know how to measure their return on investment. And no form of marketing is 100% quantifiable either.

5. Digital Marketing Judges On First Impression 

Digital marketing judges on first impression. Therefore your first impression must be as professional as possible. If the first impression customers have about your brand is a negative one, then you may have lost them completely. For any mobile app product that you may be offering they are several other companies offering the same or something similar. If you fail to put a good foot forward these customers will go to your mobile application competitors who are readily available to receive them. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about the pros and cons of digital marketing in mobile app development.

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