10 Ways That Social Media Marketing Is Helpful For Business

Social media marketing has been a boon to countless businesses of all sizes across the world. It allows small businesses to get their brand out there and large companies to engage with prospects or customers in a personal but scalable way. If you're still not convinced on the power of social media marketing, or just need some additional insight on social selling, here are 10 ways that social media marketing is helpful for your company.

But first, view this helpful video from my new YouTube channel Bootstrap Business Broadcasting on Ten Terrific Tips For Successful Social Media Marketing:

1. Increase Web Traffic

- Grow Quantity & Quality Of Traffic 
- Increase Brand Awareness 
- Increase Leads, Conversions & Sales.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

- Improve Search Engine Rank 
- Increase Brand Awareness Increased Leads, Conversions & Sales.

3. Generate Engagement

- Create positive discussions with prospects, partners, and current clients or customers 
- Provide exceptional customer service with quick and professional responses 
- Maximize positive customer experience and minimize or prevent negative CX Humanize your brand

4. Online Reputation Management

- Increase PageRank of your positive websites and social media profiles
- Request positive customer reviews and quickly respond to negative ones 
- Monitor to ensure positive CX

5. Brand Integration

- Integrate your social media with your email marketing, websites, and traditional offline advertising 
- Maintain brand consistency across various platforms and mediums and enjoy a synergistic effect.

6. Digital Analytics

- Comprehensive data on all social media marketing campaigns 
- Analyze demographics, customer behavior, and conversion rates 
-Immediately updated reports

7. Revenue Generation

- Increase quality and quantity of lead generation and sales. Upsell! 
- Expand & diversify revenue streams 
Grow customer base & referral rate

8. Young &Tech Savvy Image

- Project a company image of being younger, more progressive, tech savvy, and Millennial / Generation Z friendly 
- Be viewed as a more popular and successful brand 
- Compete with and beat your online competition

9. Return On Investment (ROI)

- Free or affordable marketing options 
- Great for entrepreneurs, bloggers, lean startups, and solopreneurs 
- Short and long term benefits

10. The Sky Is The Limit!

- Social media marketing is versatile and powerful so get creative! 
- Go viral, go global, raise money for charity, launch a book or TV show! 
- Change the world! The possibilities are endless


Jump on that social media marketing bandwagon or ride it harder than ever! Start seeing the benefits today!

I hope you enjoyed this article about ways that social media marketing is advantageous for businesses and brands of all types.

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