4 Tips on How to Do Email Blast Marketing

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Looking to improve the success of your marketing campaigns? If so, you may want to turn to email blast marketing.

If you're not familiar with the term, email blasts are also known as mass emails and bulk emails. An email blast is a single email sent to many people. You can send it to your email list, one segment of your email list, or many email lists at once.

Not a professional email marketer? No worries -- here's a short and sweet guide on how to create an email blast!

1. Choose the Best Service

The first step to sending email blasts is picking an email marketing service. They let you create and segment your mailing list, as well as send bulk emails. With so many services on the market, though, it's hard to choose the right one.

For best results, look for a beginner-friendly service that comes with pre-made email templates. 

Automation features are also a must-have. This AWeber vs Mailchimp comparison is a nice overview of some of the more popular options.

2. Create an Email List

Think of an email list as a digital version of a traditional contact book. It should contain the email addresses of all your subscribers and prospective customers. Most email marketing services offer a way to make an email list in five minutes.

The hard part of creating an email list is adding contacts to it. Still, this doesn't have to mean you have to type each contact manually. Depending on the service, you can also upload contacts from a file or import them from Gmail or Outlook.

3. Segment Your Email List

Email segmentation may be the most important part of a successful email blast. The idea is to divide your subscribers into small groups. You can segment them by age, gender, location, contact activity, order history, and so on.

The point of this is to boost your click rate by sending targeted emails to your audience. The more precise your campaign is, the better it will do. For instance, a book store may want to send different emails to math and physics students.

4. Design the Campaign

Learning how to create email blasts is easy enough. Your software will provide a list of pre-made email templates, and all you have to do is choose the right one. You can make the search easier by typing in one or more of your keywords.

Once you pick a template, edit the subject email line and fill in the summary text. Then, customize your email body by adding in the layouts and elements of your choice. If you're happy with the design, select the recipients and send the blast.

More on Email Blast Marketing

Sending an email blast doesn't mean that your work's done. Without knowing how your subscribers reacted to the email, you won't know if the campaign was a success. Again, the best email marketing services will show you all the key stats.

Want to know more about email blast marketing? Looking for other ways to improve your email marketing and online content conversion rates? Check out more of our email and marketing-related content!

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