Email Marketing: Reasons Why An Amazon FBA Should Need It

email marketing amazon fba

Email marketing has been in the digital marketing world for a long time now, and it is still one of the best marketing strategies. As the name suggests, this strategy uses email for marketing a brand or a business. It is an effective approach to building relationships not only to your current clients but as well as to potential customers. It is a useful medium for keeping them always informed and updated with the current promotions, discounts, or events that your brand is currently implementing. Email marketing encourages customer loyalty since it makes them feel valued. 

Similar to Social Media, many people still use their email and consider it as an essential medium for communication. People are checking their email daily, whether they are working, eating, walking in the park, etc. With this kind of behavior, it offers you an excellent opportunity to keep in touch with them anytime, anywhere. Furthermore, email marketing is also one of the easiest and most cost-effective marketing strategies that allow you to utilize the most visited places on earth — their inbox. 

Email Marketing: Reasons Why An Amazon FBA Should Need It 

Build Strong Relationships 

According to a study, people usually do business with the brand they know. Through email marketing, it enables a brand to build credibility with their audience, mainly if their content strategy includes helpful and informative information. Furthermore, the more people hear about your brand then, the more they learn about you and what your brand is offering. If done right, email marketing can help your brand build trust and relationship in the long run. 

Increase Traffic And Sales 

By using the right strategy, the right content, and targeting the right audience, email marketing can drive traffic to your Amazon page. And since Amazon itself is excellent when it comes to persuasive selling, marketing, and customer service, you can easily make a sale and even entice every visitor to return and make another purchase. Just always ensure to keep them updated with your new items and promotions through email marketing to keep your traffic high as well as your sales. 

Budget And Time-Efficient 

Email marketing is a relatively inexpensive way of exposing your brand to people, unlike traditional advertising on TVs, radios, and newspaper ads where one needs to break the bank. You only need a small amount of time and resources to develop an excellent email copy. Furthermore, if you integrate your email marketing to email automation like MailerLite, you'll be able to trigger an automated email message. For example, when a customer is browsing your Amazon page and leaves during the checkout process, MailerLite can send them an automated message asking if they need assistance to complete their order. With this, you can give them excellent customer service by quickly reaching out to provide whatever the support they need. 


Email marketing also allows you to easily personalize your content to make your brand more credible and convincing. After all, a well-crafted email would mean a lot to your audience, and it will make them feel valued. Moreover, for your existing customers, you can also create a personalized email marketing strategy based on their engagements and buying patterns. It is also recommended that you should keep your content short and simple, where they can quickly scan and get your message with just a glance. 

Starting Your Email Marketing

Create a plan for your brand promotion Just like any marketing strategy, one needs to start by creating a plan. As an Amazon seller, you need to create a strategy that would make your audience 'develop a desire' for your brand. Make time to study your target market and how your brand might help them solve their problems or how it would help their lives become much more comfortable than before. And once you have developed that 'desire,' the next step is to put that desire into action; therefore, including a call-to-action is also a must. 

If you are launching a new brand, you can also conduct a pre-launch email strategy just to spark interest and curiosity. Get your audience's attention by highlighting what is missing, like the benefits or features. During the launch, include all your promotions, and don't forget the call-to-action link or button. On the other hand, the post-launch offers an opportunity to share customer testimonials or even encourage them to create a review. 

Build An Email List 

To make your email marketing strategy successful, you need to start building an email list. While there are ways to get people's email addresses from scratch, what you need right now are email addresses from people who already purchased the Amazon platform. AMZDiscover, for example, is an excellent tool for getting those email addresses. By using the platform, just copy and paste the link of a particular product listing (a product similar to your brand) and hit the search button. The platform will then provide you essential information, including the customer name, their email address, of people who made a review on the said product listing. If you're lucky, you can even get other vital details, such as their social media pages. 

Craft An Email Template 

While keeping your content short and simple is a must, you still need to make sure that you are delivering excellent content. To save effort and time, you can also use custom email templates from Mailerlite. They can build a tailor-made template for your brand that easily matches your campaign needs. They can even make it more like web content rather than using plain text and images. Besides, professional-looking content quickly builds trust and credibility. They can add custom content blocks, such as buttons, lists, videos, etc. They can even pull all the necessary information about your products directly from your website or Amazon page, so you don't have to enter them manually, thus saving you time and energy. Moreover, their templates are also mobile responsive so your audience can easily view them if they are opening your email using a smartphone. 

Subscribe To An Email Automation 

As we have mentioned earlier, email marketing allows you to reach people's inboxes to promote your brand. However, manually doing this is a big no, especially if you are going to send hundreds or even thousands of emails a day. Mailerlite's email automation feature allows you to automatically send a welcome email whenever a person decides to signup on your web or landing pages. Email automation is also an excellent way of making sure that all who subscribe to your newsletter will consistently get updates. Mailerlite's email automation also comes with audience segmentation features. With this, you can create personalized content based on individual behavior, so each of them gets the right message and keeps them engaged.

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