Cisco CCNP Enterprise Credential and Its Related Exams: What’s New in Refreshed Certification Program?

cisco ccnp enterprise credential exam certification guide

Networking has become an integral part of our lives and almost every application that we use today is connected to the Internet. It has allowed people to explore the world in a different way where everyone is connected to each other all the time. Almost every organization also relies on networking solutions to ensure smooth workflow. Most of the time these companies use Cisco solutions and the reason is simple. Cisco is one of the biggest networking organizations in the world and all the solutions they provide are very reliable. 

However, it doesn’t end there because Cisco even has its own certification program that helps both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the industry verify their skills. Nowadays, the company offers several renewed paths that cover various networking technologies and domains. In this article, we are going to talk about the that has been rereleased in February 2020. Cisco brought some changes to its infrastructure, so let’s discuss this professional-level certificate. 

Related Exams: Core 

The CCNP Enterprise certification has become one of the most popular paths that Cisco has to offer. If you want to earn this badge, first of all, you will need to take one core exam (350-401 ENCOR), which covers the implementation of Cisco enterprise network core technologies. The topics that are included in this test are the following: 

• Network Assurance (10%); 
• Security (20%); 
• Virtualization (10%); 
• Automation (15%); 
• Architecture (15%); 
• Infrastructure (30%). 
• CCIE Enterprise 

The candidates have an option to take this exam in either Japanese or English. It will be 120 minutes long, however, the exact number of questions is not available on the certification page. The questions will not be completely out of bounds as they will be related but not limited to the objectives we mentioned. 

Related Exams: Concentration 

Once the students have passed Cisco 350-401 with flying colours, they will have to choose one test from a list of the concentration exams. Please note that all of them are 90 minutes long and the candidates need to choose only one. The content of each test is mentioned below: 

1. 300-410 ENARSI – Infrastructure Services; VPN Technologies; Layer 3 Technologies; Infrastructure Security. 

2. 300-415 ENSDWI – Controller Deployment; Policies; Router Deployment; Security and Quality of Service; Management and Operations; Architecture. 

3. 300-435 ENAUTO – Cisco Meraki; Cisco DNA Center; Cisco SD-WAN; Automate APIs and Protocols; Network Device Programmability; Network Programmability Foundation. 

4. 300-420 ENSLD – Network Services; Automation; Advanced Addressing and Routing Solutions; Advanced Enterprise Campus Networks; WAN for Enterprise Networks. 

5. 300-430 ENWLSI – Security for Wireless Client Connectivity; QoS on a Wireless Network; Location Services; FlexConnect; Monitoring; Device Hardening; Advanced Location Services; Multicast. 

6. 300-425 ENWLSD – Wireless Site Survey; Mobility; WLAN High Availability; Wired and Wireless Infrastructure. 

7. Exam-Labs CCNA Premium File 

Each test brings you the relevant skills in a certain area and an individual certification that will be a good addition to CCNP Enterprise. 

Preparation For Exams 

If you are going to obtain the Cisco CCNP Enterprise credential, you need to bring all you have. This includes finding the right study materials, creating a detailed plan, and allocating your personal time to clear the task. Finding the best resources should not be as hard because the Cisco exams are generally quite popular and a quick search on the Internet should give you some helpful results. It is also recommended that you take a look at the official training course that you can find on the Cisco website. It will help you cover all the topics as well as subtopics. Another thing that you need to do is use study guides, especially when you are revising these domains. These prep tools do a great job of diverting your attention to those subjects that are slightly more important than others. 

Lastly, you can also use third-party resources and exam dumps to study but you need to make sure that they contain authentic and updated information. If you want to get the best possible score in the CCNP Enterprise certification exams, you should take as many practice tests as you possibly can. Your goal should be to improve your final score with each mock test and also work on your time management. You can find these useful tools on Cisco Devnet Associate Premium File, etc. 


When you talk about the most popular certification programs in the world, one of the first names that comes to mind is Cisco. This is because the company has one of the most comprehensive programs. If you are a young IT professional who is confused about the next steps that you should take in your career, you have to consider going for the Cisco CCIE 350-401 ENCOR Premium File. Cisco has changed the infrastructure of this track, so it has become much more accessible to the masses. This will open up many new opportunities and give you a chance to set your career on the right path.

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