7 Essential Apps For Your New Mac

essential apps for new macbook

You have got a new Mac and you are eager to get started. Well, Apple pre-installed essential apps on Mac and you are good to go! That said, if you are to get the most out of your device, you need to explore and install more apps. Of course, this will depend on tastes and preferences but let us shed more light on some of the essential apps you should install for a new Mac. 

Install An Alternative Browser 

Apple devices usually have Safari, as a default browser. It has excellent speed compatibility with many websites, is easy to use, and has excellent security features. It is a good browser with tons of other features but some websites won’t work well with Safari. It would be best to install an alternative browser to your Mac. Firefox or Chrome would be great choices as they are the most popular, and their performance and speed are excellent. 

Mac Cleaner App 

Installing a cleaner app into your new mac helps to delete system junks, temporary files, caches and logs, unwanted apps, uninstalled app remnants, and malware. The cleaner app will enhance your Mac speed and get rid of malicious files on your device. If your Mac is slow, you should use the cleaner app to help improve its efficiency. 


Your new Mac has very few icons in the menu bar. Over time as you download more software, many icons will hang out in the menu bar, and it may look cluttered. You can install Vanilla software to handle that. It will help in hiding applications that you want to be invisible from the menu bar. You will only be able to see these apps at the click of an arrow in the Vanilla app. 


Alfred is a productivity and application launcher. It uses keyboard shortcuts to find and launch files and applications on the search web or the Mac. If you have Alfred in your new Mac, you will have a convenient interface for system command. Additionally, it serves as a spell checker and calculator. 


In most macOS ecosystems, drag and drop can be a problem. Fortunately, Dropzone can help solve this problem by allowing you to drag, copy, and even upload your file from a single interface. Dropzone is very easy to use, in that you only need to drag your file to the top of the screen. The Dropzone window will subsequently open and offer suggestions of available actions. 

A Universal Cloud Storage 

You might need to share things from your Mac to a non-apple device. It will only be possible if you have universal cloud storage. With the universal cloud storage, you can share a link with access rights to the other party. Additionally, the universal cloud storage is safe plus it has extra storage space. Some of the most efficient universal cloud storage you can use include google drive, Microsoft one drive, iCloud, or dropbox, etc.


Window management can also be a problem. Now, Magnet is a tool that can help you organize your workspace easily and promptly. You need to click and drag a window until you achieve your desired outline, after which you release to scale your window fittingly. Magnet allows you to use shortcuts in the keyboard for window positioning. The beauty is that even after logging out from Mac, it will have your preferences in memory. 

Wrap Up 

The tools we have covered will make your experience with your new Mac pleasant by increasing its performance, speed and features. There are many other tools you can add depending on what you are looking for. So, do not hesitate to look around as there are more in stock for your new Mac.

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