Can You Buy A Drug Test Over The Counter?

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Can you buy a drug test over the counter in your local pharmacy? As it stands, the answer to this question is a simple yes. However, if you are planning to buy a drug test over the counter, it is important to note that tests can vary when it comes to accuracy. 

Make no mistake, buying an instant drug test is a smart thing to do if you want to test yourself or your employees. In this case, though, it is important to only buy test kits that offer a high degree of accuracy. 

Where Can I Buy A Home Drug Test? 

Buying a home test kit is altogether easy in 2020. Most pharmacies stock a wide range of testing kits. In many cases, it will even be possible to pick up a home test at your local Walmart. 

When looking to buy a drug test, the only places you need to avoid are places like Amazon and eBay. 

At big online retailers, quality control can be hit-and-miss when it comes to drug tests. As it is, this isn’t something you want to risk if you are preparing for a workplace drug screening. 

Which Instant Drug Testing Kit Is The Best? 

At present, most U.S. employers use 5 or 12-panel urine tests to screen employees for illicit drug use. This is thanks to the fact that tests can screen for multiple drug traces simultaneously. Tests can also detect some drug traces for up to 30-days after exposure. 

• Urine drug tests can detect marijuana metabolites for up to 30-days after you last used cannabis. 

• Cocaine is detectable in urine for up to 4-days with most urine drug tests. 

• Drugs like heroin and PCP are detectable in most 5 or 12-panel drug tests for up to 5-days. 

Thankfully, anyone can buy similar 12-panel drug tests to what most employers use. 

Recommended Home Test Kits 

According to a report by Med Signals, the most accurate at home drug test in 2020 is 12-panel test kit made by PreScreen. 

The manufacturer of PreScreen Plus guarantees 99% accuracy, and it comes with additional testing strips. This being the case, it is possible to repeat tests multiple times to gauge whether results are accurate. 

Are OTC Tests As Accurate As Lab Drug Tests? 

As a basic rule, no over-the-counter drug test will ever be 100% as accurate as a laboratory drug test. 

When performing tests at home, there is always a risk that you might not perform tests correctly. Most lab drug tests can also detect lower concentrations of drug metabolites than home test kits. This makes tests more sensitive. 

What tests like PreScreen Plus Mini can do, is give you a good idea of whether you are likely to pass or fail a professionally administered test. When in doubt, you can also use instant hair and saliva tests to confirm urine test results.

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