How To Choose The Right Art Shipping Company?

how to choose best art shipping company

Everyone knows that whether it comes to moving a single painting across the country or shipping a large collection of valuables abroad, the art transportation process may be a tough challenge. There are many questions to answer: how to pack your items, which packing materials to choose, what insurance to get, and, of course, how to find the right art shipping company? 

From the myriad of art shippers, you should find the one with extensive expertise, professional staff, a wide network of reliable partners, and appropriate equipment required to ship art safely and securely. 

Here are several simple tips that can help when choosing an art shipping company. How to choose the right art shipping company? 

1. Considerable Experience 

The safety of your precious art pieces should be the number one priority. Thereby, when transporting valuable and fragile items, such as paintings, sculptures, art installations, porcelain, or antique icons, you should choose art shippers with extensive experience in the field. 

2. Packing And Crating 

When it comes to shipping art, every single piece should be carefully wrapped and packed using special packing paper, bubble wrap, cardboard, and other materials that help prevent scratches and dents. Professional companies that specialize in shipping artworks additionally offer custom wooden crates built according to each item’s specifications. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you choose qualified experts providing both art packing and crating services to ensure the complete protection of your valuable possessions in transit. 

3. Trained Team Of Art Handlers 

Shippers with a lack of experience in the field of art transportation may easily mishandle your belongings, causing enormous damage. You need a professional art shipping company with a team of trained art handlers proficient in art packing, art moving, art installation, and more. Only specialists know how to handle different kinds of art and can guarantee that everything arrives at the destination in pristine condition. 

4. Art Insurance 

To ship fine art and antiques without proper insurance coverage is a bad idea. Qualified art shippers always insist on appropriate art insurance, even knowing that it may affect the cost of services provided. Art insurance helps you get the peace of mind, knowing that you are covered if any problems occur during the transportation or your art objects are damaged or stolen. 

5. Art Storage Services 

Many fine art shipping companies offer their clients short-term and long-term art storage services that may come in handy before or after the transportation process. So, if you need space to store your possessions for some time, make sure that you work with the right company and that the storage conditions meet the needs of your art pieces. Also, pay your attention to the security measures, such as an intruder alarm system, a fire alarm system, an anti-theft system, etc. 

6. Fast Transportation Options 

In order to choose the right art shipping company, take into account that the longer your possessions are in transit, the higher the probability of their damage is. Thereby, choose art shippers offering fast transportation options to decrease the amount of time devoted to handling and processing. It is also recommended that you work with a company providing art packing and crating services in-house. This will save you both time and money. 

Works of art are very sensitive and often expensive items, so shipping them can be really tricky. If you follow these simple tips, the chances are that you will find the right fine art shipping company that meets all your needs and requirements. Good luck with your art shipments!

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