How to Write a Business Memo That Stands Out

how to write a business memo that stands out company communication email

Business memos are an essential method of communication within an organization. They're not the same as business emails and are used to express important company information in a brief, precise, and direct way.

Business memos usually serve to propose a solution to an existing problem or to present important company news and updates. This can be anything from introducing a casual Friday in the office, implementing new business or marketing strategies, or talking about new product launches.

Wondering how to write a business memo that'll stand out among your competitors? Read on to find out the best memo writing tips.

Write a Short and Clear Subject Line

Your subject line should be short and straight to the point in order to get the reader's attention. It should describe briefly the topic of the memo and be as specific as possible.

For example, if your memo is about launching a new product line, your subject line would be "Spring Product Line Launch". Subject lines are not the place for over-explaining, you will do this in the memo body.

Start With the Main Point

The memo introduction should be a paragraph or two explaining the main point of the memo. You should only cover the general memo topic and explain what the memo will be about and the sections it'll include.

If this is your first time writing a business memo but you want to get it right, use a business memo template. This way, you'll organize your ideas and points better and reduce the chances of making a mistake.

Avoid Casual Language

One of the biggest mistakes when writing a business memo is using casual language. Business memos are an official means of correspondence, so you should never address the recipients like you would your friends.

For example, don't write "Hey guys", "Hi everyone", or use any other type of salutation. The first sentence of your memo should be the introduction to the point.

Write in a Neutral Tone

Writing a business memo is not the same as writing an email. Write the memo in a neutral tone and avoid using emotional language. This means avoiding any words or phrases that might indicate emotion.

For example, instead of writing "we're happy to announce/introduce...", simply say "We are announcing/introducing...".

Divide the Memo Into Sections

If you have several things to say in a single memo, make sure to separate each topic into a different section. Use headings and subheadings to express your ideas more clearly, as well as bullet points where needed.

Nobody wants to read walls of text and it's likely people will skip important parts of the memo if the text looks too long. Instead, make sure to keep everything well organized and succinct to get your point across.

Now You Know How to Write a Business Memo That'll Stand Out

Now that you know how to write a business memo, get some practice before you send it out. Write a few drafts and see where you can improve the language and organize the memo better.

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