How Does Evaporative Cooling Work?

how does evaporative cooling work

If you're reading this, then the chances are that you have decided to buy a cooler. Air coolers are a great thing to have for the summer. They're energy-efficient, affordable and easy to use. An air cooler or evaporative cooler works uniquely, and it is different from other cooling systems. It also requires a different type of care and upkeep. If you want to know how evaporative coolers work, and how to maintain yours, read on. 

How Do Evaporative Coolers Work? 

Evaporative coolers function ingeniously, that is like no other cooling system. These machines take in hot air from the outside and then pass it through the soaked cooling pads that are present inside the cooler. The hot air helps the water in these cooling pads to evaporate, and the cold evaporated air is then pushed out, thus cooling your room. 

What Is The Best Climate For Evaporative Coolers? 

Coolers work their best in dry and arid areas. The dry air allows the moisture expelled by the cooler to be absorbed, which helps cool the room down adequately. The added humidity in the room works to provide some relief and take away extreme dryness. However, if you're living in areas of high humidity, make sure to stay away from air coolers. They will make humidity worse and instead of cooling, make the summer heat more unbearable. So, if you're living somewhere like Delhi, an air cooler is a great idea. But buying or taking an air cooler on rent in Chennai would be a wrong decision, due to high humidity. Instead, it's better to purchase or take an AC for rent in Chennai

Why Should I Buy An Air Cooler? 

Buying an evaporative cooler has a range of benefits like these: 

1. It is much more affordable and has a broad range of products so that you can choose the one best suited to your needs. 

2. It is energy-efficient and not only reduces your electricity bills but it is more environmentally friendly as well. 

3. It is portable and can be carried very easily, especially when shifting. It also comes with roller wheels for ease of movement. 

4. It can be installed easily, without any professional help. Even maintenance doesn't call for special equipment or skill. 

5. They make dry rooms more livable by adding in humidity, which is a boon if you live in an arid climate. 

How To Maintain An Evaporative Cooler?
If you want to ensure that your cooler will last many summers, then you need to take proper care of it. 

Here are some ways of maintaining your air cooler. 

1. Thoroughly clean the cooler fans and the cooling pads, periodically. The build- up of dust and grime is one of the principal reasons why coolers stop working. 

2. Check to make sure that the water tank and the pumps are not broken or leaking. Prolonged use may damage them even if you have a cooler that is the costliest one in an air cooler price list

3. Store it carefully, by wrapping it properly and detaching the wire. Otherwise, it will get damaged easily.

There you have it, how evaporative coolers work and the benefits of evaporative cooling!

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