5 Ways To Increase Productivity At Work

how to increase productivity at work boost workplace efficiency

If you are a manager or an owner of a company, the productivity of your staff is a top concern. Increasing productivity means increases revenue without increasing expenses. The company will be more profitable overall. However, knowing the best ways to increase profitability can be difficult. While they may not all work for your company, here are five ideas to increase productivity at work. 

1. Choose An Office Design More Conducive To The Work You Are Doing 

The layout of an office can have a significant impact on the productivity of the office. The best design will depend on the type of work being completed and the level of collaboration needed. For example, offices that work as a team benefit from open office design. Likewise, an office where clients go to is going to be designed differently from an office that only employees go to. 

An office interior design firm can work with you to determine what the best design is for your office. They can offer suggestions on how to promote productivity with the overall layout and design of the workspaces. Once you have a workspace that is more conducive to the work accomplished, the productivity will increase. 

2. Utilize Professional Call Center Solutions

When your business requires the use of call center, Salesforce call center solutions provide the software needed to maintain the highest quality and efficiency. The software has built-in quality control measures, as well as an automated system for conducting the work. 

The software makes it easier for those making the calls, as well as those in management monitoring the work completed. In all areas of business, increased automation typically leads to increased productivity. 

3. Ensure That All Employees Are Utilizing The Technology Available To Them

Many people are creatures of habit and will continue to do things the way they always have unless external pressure directs them otherwise. If there is technology available to your employees to help them complete their tasks more efficiently, make sure they are utilizing that technology. 

For example, online meeting space offered through companies like Zoom can drastically cut down on the amount of time wasted during meetings, ensure meetings start and finish on time, and allow for participants to get recordings of the session afterward. Dictation software is another great way to increase productivity by saving time on common tasks. 

4. Conduct Quality Control Measures

Quality control measures are to ensure that each employee is doing their job correctly. While some may see this as micromanaging, without these measures, work quality can diminish without management, even being aware until it is too late. 

Random quality control cuts down on the amount of work needed while increasing productivity because employees don't know which work will be checked and which will not. Controlling the quality of the output will translate to a decrease in time and resources wasted on fixing mistakes. 

5. Promote Self-Care Among Employees

Although it may seem counter-productive to encourage employees to take time off, research has shown that employees provided with opportunities for greater work-life balance are overall more productive while at work. They are more loyal to their employers, and they demonstrate a higher commitment to getting their job down efficiently. 

Often, employees feel an obligation to make their job their top priority in life, which includes forgoing vacations or time with family. There is a misconception that the more valuable they make themselves appear, the more job security they will have. However, research has shown that people who are overworked and have little work-life balance are less productive while at work because they are tired and stressed. Offering more downtime actually increases productivity.

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