5 People Who Are Shining in the Healthcare Entrepreneurship Space

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According to Promoting Business and Entrepreneurial Awareness in Health Care Professionals in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, there is a gap between medical training and business knowledge that healthcare entrepreneurs can help to fill.

Filling this gap can help medical knowledge be applied to practical applications that can improve everyone's health. Read on to learn about five exciting figures working in healthcare entrepreneurship.

Quint Studer

Quint Studer founded a successful outcomes firm. Outcomes firms focus on performance, whether that be in service, finance, or any other aspect of an organization. Quint Studer's firm focuses on interventions that have evidence that proves they work. His six books reveal much of the knowledge he's gained in medicine, business, and community relations.

Judy Faulkner

Judy Faulkner founded Epic Systems, which has since grown to employ more than 8,000 people. This physician practice vendor company has since received awards as the best in the country!

Judy Faulkner has made a bold business decision in refusing to use any marketing for her company. Her philosophy is that writing good code and providing quality support is more important than trying to sell your product.

Michael Sachs 

Michael Sachs created Sg2 and Sachs Group. Sg2 is a health system intelligence and analysis company. Sachs Group has helped more than 1,000 organizations throughout the United States to improve their planning and marketing. Sg2 was an incredible success, eventually being sold for $142 million in 2014.

Dan Schneider

Dr Dan Schneider has focused on natural healing. His many healthcare businesses first understand the needs of each patient. They then help them to guide their bodies to improve their natural healing and their quality of life.

Since his great success as a healthcare entrepreneur, Dr Dan Schneider has focused on helping other entrepreneurs in healthcare to succeed with their own healthcare startups.

Dozens of businesses across the United States and even throughout the whole world have come to Dan Schneider for his expertise in medicine, business, and consulting.

Using his own experience as an entrepreneur. Dan Schneider can provide a unique perspective on managing multiple businesses at the same time. His students enter the business field more prepared than almost anybody to achieve success while starting several businesses in parallel.

David Shade

David Shade co-founded Prism Healthcare Partners, a healthcare consulting firm. Under his direction, Prism Healthcare Partners has helped hospitals to cut costs and improve their services at the same time. David Shade learned many of the skills that allowed him to become such a success as a medical entrepreneur at Ernst and Young, where he acted as partner for over two decades.

Like Judy Faulkner, David Shade has a unique approach to marketing. Instead of using a multi-pronged approach, David Shade focused all of his marketing efforts into a single area: advertising.

The Exciting Future Of Healthcare Entrepreneurship

We hope you found something helpful in this brief piece about some of the biggest successes in the healthcare entrepreneurship field. To learn more about entrepreneurship, startups, tech, and more, check out the Startups section of the Bootstrap Business Blog.

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