4 Reasons Businesses Need Plastic Injection Molding

business benefits plastic injection molding

Though many manufacturers have failed to make the switch, plastic injection molding is one of the most versatile and effective methods for producing a wide range of parts and whole products. Yet, some manufacturers have yet to use it simply because they don’t recognize the core benefits it can offer. It is a fast and easy way to create high-quality parts. It is efficient, saving manufacturers not only money on material, but also time. Take a few minutes to consider the largest benefits of this type of plastic injection molding including with thermoplastic polymer materials. 

#1: Create Complex Structures Easily 

One of the most important – and perhaps the biggest factor in deciding to make a switch in manufacturing processes – is the way polymers are used in complex production. In short, plastic injection molding can create very unique, geometric and intricate shapes and sizes. 

When a plastic injection mold is used, the polymers in it are placed under a significant amount of pressure. That pressure allows the polymers to take the shape of the mold. The extensiveness of the pressure can help to create very small and detailed designs and elements on the finished product. Unlike other production methods that require every component of the piece to be individually created, plastic injection molding is far more versatile. 

There’s a key benefit to this. For those who are creating a product or a piece, and have found that the cost of creating these individualized pieces is too high, plastic injection molding can prove to be highly effective. It allows for all of the intricacies to be captured in the final product without all of the time or money spent on individual piece creation. 

#2: Complete Projects At A Faster Pace 

Another benefit thermoplastic polymer use in plastic mold injection offers is efficiency. There are various ways this method is efficient and that means cost-savings. Other methods require more time to craft designs and apply techniques, but there are several key ways this method can improve operations for any manufacturing process. 

For example, once the design is created, installation and organization of the necessary processes is easy. There is no learning gap for employees to follow – the process is easy to put in place quickly. The setup process is efficient, the learning curve is fast, and there are fewer obstacles in the way of setting up this type of system. 

Another layer of efficiency comes in the form of speed of production. Once the system is installed and ready to go, it can start producing the desired parts and components right away. There is also no lag time in production. Parts can be made over and over again using the same mold. The entire process is faster than other methods. That creates a higher output rate of most current systems. When you produce products faster, you get to spend less and improve customer outcomes. You also complete projects sooner, allowing for moving on to new productions sooner. 

#3: Finished Product Durability Is High 

A third benefit of using plastic injection molding comes in the use of the finished product or part. While there are other manufacturing methods that can create highly durable components, this application is no different in that area. In some cases, it can create even more durable results because, unlike other manufacturing methods, the final product is one, solid piece instead of multiple components put together. 

One of the reasons for this is the ability to use fillers in plastic injection molding. Fillers are available in all types of forms. Some are designed to be very durable and dense, creating products that are quite strong. Others are designed to have other attributes. With this method of part manufacturing, you determine the strength and durability necessary, choose the appropriate fillers for that application, and then apply the technology. 

The end result is a product or part that has the density desired, the strength necessary, and the ability to be reliable long term. While this durability doesn’t impact the business operations itself, it does produce happier end-users who are more likely to continue purchasing from you. 

#4: It Can Be Completely Automated 

There’s a lot of talk recently about automation and the importance it brings to manufacturing. For some companies, this seems far off and out of reach simply because it seems to be a big investment. Yet, with plastic injection molding, that is not the case. Much of the process is already automated. As a result, there is less need for numerous employees. 

The molding process itself is not done by human hands but rather by robotic machines. Generally speaking, there is no need for multiple people in the process. Rather, all of the individual components of the process are managed by one operator. Reducing labor like this offers two key benefits – it reduces the manufacturer costs and minimizes the risk of human error. 

With plastic injection molding, companies see a lot less overhead associated with their processes. They are able to reduce labor costs significantly. That increases profit margins, but also gives companies the competitive edge they need when it comes to bidding on and winning new customers. With less overhead, you can charge your end buyers less, making your bid on a project far more effective and appealing especially in highly desirable industries. 

It is possible to add a fifth benefit here – and that is cost savings. Across all of these aspects, plastic injection molding is doing one thing very well – it is producing a high-quality product that is more affordable than other products. It saves you money in the production process and creates a more durable, longer-lasting product. 


For all of these reasons, companies long producing products through traditional manufacturing should take a look at the advantages offered by plastic injection molding. At Polymer Chemistry Innovations, Inc. we are using thermoplastic polymer and other forms to create long-lasting solutions within plastic injection molding applications. What can this plastics injection molding application do for your business manufacturing needs?

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