Pivot Your Social Media Strategy Amidst COVID-19

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Business owners devise strategies against a lot of things. Seasonal trends, employee absence, inflation, and so many other things where we’re required to shift our position in order to emerge strong. But, all things in consideration, COVID-19 has turned over our boats. The pandemic has caught all of us by surprise, leaving us to revolutionise our marketing strategies, working models and other business structures, all in an attempt to stay afloat. In the social media department, business tones and publications have to change in order to be relevant, as the online platform is looking for solace from the stressful situation. As we send our well-wishes to every entrepreneur, here are some tactics to pivot your social media strategy amidst COVID-19: 

#1 Know Your Audience’s Preference

It’s no surprise that a lot of social media pages today are dominated by comedies, memes and other sources of humor. The beauty of humor is that it relaxes the mind, allowing a little bit of calm amidst the uncertainty. Besides this, messages of hope and unity as a threatened species should be prime. When all is said and done, you could ask your audience what they would like to see. Infeed posts and Instagram stories allow clients to offer their feedback, after which you can strategize to have a larger turnout. Times of isolation mean that all interaction, leisure, and learning happens online. This will guide your content. 

#2 Give A Brief Statement

You should make a statement that shows that you understand what people are going through, and are in the same boat as we all are. Publish precautions being undertaken to prevent and control the virus, and urge your consumers to do the same. Avoid lengthy statements as this could easily be tedious since nearly all companies are publishing information related to the pandemic. Look for a short, catchy way of saying, “COVID-19 is here, and this is how to protect yourself, just like we are.” 

#3 Invest In Online Ads 

Finance experts at Max Funding say, “sometimes you may not get the amount of online presence you would like.” They suggest, “you could easily change this situation by investing in online ads, which direct people to your content, boosting your posts. The more you engage your customers during this time, the more they’re likely to stay loyal to your social media pages. 

#4 Be Updated

Things have changed drastically since the time the virus was discovered. You, therefore, have to be on par with changing information. The CDC constantly refreshed guidelines and directives, and if you’re not updated, your content will seem obsolete. You, therefore, have to be absolutely keen and shift content accordingly to stay relevant. 

#5 Provide Help / Assistance To The Community

Great companies have one marketing tool that stands above all others, giving back. Some give back through the environment, others helping the poor, taking care of the aged, or creating opportunities for the youth. In this tough time, give your business value by helping the consumers who help your business stay afloat. While other companies send out branding messages, giving back will send the message that you care. This will positively impact the company and can be done by offering discounts, free delivery, donating towards COVID-19 management and offering free services. This will be a sign of taking action toward the eradication and control of the disease. 

#6 Search For Alternative Channels

Some businesses rely on physical audience presence such as photo-studios and gymnasiums. To remain relevant, you have to step up in innovation and creativity. Explore alternative channels to capture your audience, giving them the same value as you would even without COVID-19. Engage your audience by coming up with interesting clips, photos, and articles. You could also use social media influencers who capture huge traffic of followers from home.  

Pivot Your Social Selling And Power Through Coronavirus

In a nutshell, stay alert, keep your social media pages relevant through fresh content, be up-to-date, interesting and most of all offer support through any way you can, against the deadly pandemic. As you evolve your content strategy during the pandemic, evolve your tone and finally, give a smile to as many as you can!

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