3 Things to Look For in an Office Chair for Your Business

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Have you been thinking about a new office chair—a desk chair specifically—for your small business?  If so, great! That's what we're here to discuss.

Since you'll be spending over 40 hours a week in your desk chair, first and foremost, you need to consider comfort. Without "test-driving" a new desk chair, you can't be sure how it will fit your body, and you don't want the hassle of returning the chair.

The next primary consideration is the parts of an office chair and how well they will meet your needs. That's what we'll focus on in this article.

Parts of an Office Chair and What They Do

Are you wondering how to make a chair more comfortable? The different parts of an office chair should all work in sync to give you the comfort and support you need to get through your days' work.

Although there are several parts to consider in this regard, we've distilled them into three main categories.

1. The Chair Should Be Adjustable

Office chair adjustments are usually possible in every part of the chair you'd expect—and others that might surprise you. With more basic models, these are controlled by various levers. Higher-end chairs often have electric controls.

You must be able to adjust the desk chair height so that your feet will rest flat on the floor. Resting your feet on the floor helps circulation while you're sitting, especially for long periods.

Also important is that, first, the chair has excellent lumbar support, and, second,  you can adjust the back so that  support aligns with your lumbar region.

Chairs with arms often have adjustable armrests (preferably padded ones). Some chairs have adjustable tilt for both the back and the seat.

Most office chairs have pneumatic tubes to raise and lower the sitting height. Some higher-end chairs also allow you to adjust the seat and back cushions pneumatically for optimal comfort.

2. It Should Have Good Quality Parts and Materials

You can sweat your work, but you don't need to sweat at work. So, your chair's back and seat should be made of a breathable material, such as leather or mesh fabric. Weight-bearing parts should be sturdy—made of metal, wood, or heavy-duty plastic.

Your office chair should be of the best quality you can afford. Many excellent desk chairs are reasonably priced too.

If you are looking for the best office chair under 200 dollars, for example, check out the expansive and varied selection of a store that specializes in office chairs.

3. It Should Be Easy to Move

Your chair should be able to swivel easily. It also should have five feet for stability, and each foot equipped with a well-functioning caster. A good office chair can be cumbersome, so you shouldn't need to lift it when moving it from place to place.

You might need to extend your reach at your desk by rolling over to a filing cabinet, for example, or you might roll the chair into a conference room for extra seating. A chair with wheels that don't move easily is flawed and possibly poses a safety risk.

Now, Sit Back and Relax

You have just done a lot of work in selecting your new office chair, and we hope it is all you would have hoped for! If you gave good thought to the parts of an office chair and what they should do for you, we expect you will be happy with your choice.

If you are looking for more ideas for your small business or office furnishings generally, keep reading our blog. We have great coverage on the most important parts of an office chair, smart desks, office decor, and workplace tech among other helpful topics.

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