7 Tips on How to Improve Security in the Workplace

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Worried about security at work? Afraid of items or data being stolen?

We don’t blame you!

Recent statistics about the rate of theft in the US are enough to make any business owner concerned. Indeed, cargo theft alone leads to $30 billion of losses every year.

Throw in the financial and property damage caused by burglaries into the mix and you’ve got a serious problem.

Clearly, taking steps to improve security in the workplace is vital. With appropriate measures in place, you can leave work knowing it’s well-protected; employees can go to work feeling safe throughout the day.

But what actual measures should you put in place to achieve such benefits?

After all, not all security systems and processes are made equal. Picking the right one(s) is crucial to reaping the potential rewards.

Looking for workplace security answers? We can help. Read on for 7 tips on improving security at work.

1. Conduct a Risk Assessment

Conducting a thorough risk assessment should be your first step to securing the workplace.

Think about the office, factory, shop floor, or wherever it is that you work. Where are the risks? What systems, processes, and physical attributes (be it entry points or building layout) leave you open to security breaches?

Take stock of your operation. Next, put a plan together for handling any potential issues you observe. You want to put steps in place to mitigate the risks and a solid idea of how you’d respond to an emergency.

It’s sure to train all staff on the security measures and protocols you put in place though. After all, having those systems is all well and good. But they’re pointless if nobody knows how to act on them.

2. Put up CCTV Cameras

Having risk assessed the workplace, it’s time to get practical. Closed-circuit television is a great first safety measure to consider putting in place. Indeed, CCTV is widely used by individuals and businesses everywhere.

And for good reason: It works!

Having cameras works as a deterrent to a possible crime. Would-be thieves, for example, see the cameras and realize they could get caught. If the reward isn’t worth it, then they’re unlikely to risk acting on their criminal ambition.

But let’s imagine that someone ignores the CCTV cameras (or fails to see them). You catch the perpetrator red-handed and get a video record of their crime. That’s a big deal in terms of finding, arresting, and prosecuting them.

3. Hire a Security Guard

Security guards have been, and always will be, a security measure of the highest order.

Hire the right people for the job and you have now got eyes and feet on the ground. They can patrol the area and keep tabs on proceedings.

That is one thing CCTV lacks. It can show you what is happening, but leave you powerless to do anything other than alerting the police. Security guards are trained to intercept and apprehend people in the act.

An added bonus is the reassurance this can provide employees. Having a security presence on-site will help protect your employees and make them feel safer at work.

4. Have Guard Dogs in Place

Criminals are like bullies; they prey on vulnerability.

If they spot a weakness in your defenses, then they’ll try their best to exploit it. Conversely, anything that makes their task particularly dangerous or difficult tends to put them off.

Guard dogs are the perfect example.

A petty criminal will see an empty building and an open door and smile to themselves with glee. 

Until that is, they see the snarling teeth of a big, burly guard dog behind it. These animals are an almighty deterrent to any burglar who values their health.

Putting guard dogs and security guards together is a winning combination. Few thieves will be foolish enough to try anything with guards and dogs patrolling the area.

5. Install Access Control Technology

Access control is another basic, but vital, security measure.

This security measure helps to prevent the wrong people from entering the workplace. An electronic system of entry determines who is permitted entry and who isn’t.

Key cards and fingerprints are two examples of access control in action.

No key card? You’re not getting in.

Fingerprint not in the system? You’re stuck outside as well.

Think about how important that is for maintaining security at your workplace. It means that random strangers can’t just wander in on a whim! That’s a big deal for everybody working in the building, be it food business workers, shop keepers, those on the factory floor, and so on.  

6. Install Quality Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a bit like an access control system for your computers. Having top-level cybersecurity in place prevents intruders (aka hackers, or malware) from getting in.

Cybercrime sounds like something from a sci-fi movie. But it’s very real and causes millions of dollars’ worth of damage to businesses every year. Taking steps to prevent such crime is of vital importance to the ongoing prosperity of your business.

Does your business rely on computer systems somewhere in its operation? Maybe you use the cloud, run a smart facility (where everything’s connected via Wi-Fi), or utilize web-based programs for one purpose or another.

Don’t risk being hacked or falling foul of a ransomware attack. It only has to happen once to cripple the business. Work with an IT professional to install and maximize levels of cybersecurity.

7. Install a Spotlight Too

Spotlights are our final suggestion for a practical security measure to put in place.

Remember: criminals don’t want to get caught! That makes darkness their friend and light their enemy. Seeing a powerful spotlight beam down on the entranceway of your workplace will be a useful deterrent.

They know they risk being seen by a passerby (or by the CCTV cameras you have in place already).

Time to Improve Security in the Workplace

The bad news is that rates of criminal activity present serious security risks for your workplace.

The good news is that there’s a lot you can do to protect yourself against it.

Hopefully, the ideas in this article will help you do exactly that! Keep the aforementioned measures in mind and you will improve security in the workplace in no time.

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