Creating Brochures for Your Business: A Simple Guide

creating brochures for business marketing brochure advertising

It only takes 10 seconds for consumers to make up their minds about your brand. If you're not making a positive impact, you're probably losing customers.

With a standout, creative marketing brochure, you can attract new customers and expand your brand.

Here are the six steps you need for creating brochures that stand out from the crowd. With these brochure creation and design tips, you can give your brand the boost it needs. Then, you'll generate more business and grow as a company!

Get started with these six easy steps for creating brochures for business advertising.

1. Establish an Objective

Before you start designing anything, it's important to determine why you're creating the brochure in the first place. What are you trying to accomplish with these new brochures? Maybe you want to:

  • Highlight a new product or service
  • Advertise an upcoming event
  • Show off happy customer reviews

Keep your brochures focused on a single goal. Otherwise, your clutter your business pamphlet with too much information. As a result, you'll overwhelm readers.

Creating brochures with a single focus, on the other hand, will drive customers to complete a focused goal.

2. Know Your Audience

Who are you creating brochures for? The better you know your target audience, the more likely you'll appeal to their interests.

As you're making your own brochure, look at others your competitors have made. How are they connecting with customers? 

Your brochure should work as a communication tool.

Once you know how to appeal to their interests, you can connect on an emotional level.

3. Consider Creativity

Once you have a goal and your audience, the key to creating brochures that stand out is the design. Think about ways to make your brochures unique.

For example, you can use cut-outs that draw the eye to key pieces of content.

These brochure templates from Adobe Spark can give you a good starting point for your designs.

4. Fold It Right

Don't start designing until you've visualized your folds. Make sure you know what type of brochure you're making and where the content breaks.

Otherwise, your headlines, text blocks, and images might break apart in strange places.

Don't forget negative space as well. Blank space will give large pieces of content room to breathe.

5. Implement Your Brand

As you create your brochures, make sure to infuse your brand. That includes your logo, color scheme, tone, voice, and brand personality.

Using a standout brand color can improve brand recognition by up to 80%. You also need to keep your entire brand consistent. Consistency across your marketing campaigns can increase revenue by up to 23%.

6. Recognize Readability

People will likely skim through your content. In order to create an effective marketing brochure, make sure your content is easy to read. Start by using headlines to break blocks of text apart.

Then, try using shorter sentences and paragraphs in your brochure.

Improving readability will encourage people to peruse the entire business pamphlet.

Design It Right: 6 Steps for Creating Brochures That Stand Out From the Rest

Creating brochures for your business is easy! With these six simple tips, you're already on the path for brochure design success. Start connecting with new customers using your creative brochures today.

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