Digital Billboard Brand Marketing Strategies For Dropshipping

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In this article I am going to talk about brand marketing and really marketing your brand, leveraging online and offline digital billboards. So I want you to do this, I want you to imagine that you live in Phoenix in this example. You live in Phoenix and every day, month over month, as you cruise the internet and drive into work, you see these digital billboards. 

So imagine you see this digital billboard around town on your drive into work, and then imagine you're on YouTube at some point later watching a video and before the video plays you see a little bumper ad that looks like this one. 

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And then imagine you are on Instagram, and as you scroll through your feed, you came by a feed or a post that looks just like this. 

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And then imagine you were on Facebook at some point later, just keeping up with family and friends, and as you scroll through your feed you saw a post like this?

omnichannel digital brand marketing strategy crossplatform advertising strategies

After seeing all that month over month, why would not consider them one of the best chiropractors in Phoenix? Of course you would. Or how about this, maybe your friend or your neighbor, something like that hurts their back or something and asks you, hey what chiropractor do you go to? Even if you didn't go to that chiropractic business, would you not think of them first and recommend them, and this drive more referrals? Of course you would, and so would everybody else, and that's truly the key to brand marketing. You want somebody to think of your brand first when they think of the products and services that you provide. You don't want them to go search for a keyword on Google. Paying to be on Google at the top for something like chiropractor in Phoenix, or Phoenix chiropractor is very expensive or the example of dropshipping – something like “How to make money on shopify?” would be quite expensive as well. 

What if you could skip that as a dropshipper? What if they could search your name? And that is brand marketing. That is building a presence in your local area so when somebody needs the products or services that you provide, instead of searching for a keyword on Google, they search for your name. Some other advantages when somebody searches your name instead of a key word on Google is, when people search for a keyword on Google, they usually click on four or five different links, like chiropractor in this example, and investigate all of them. And they may even try some of them and what they're going to be looking for is things like lower prices or things like that, or any type of business. If you are looking for a roofer, maybe you get bids from three or four roofers. And so what happens is when they're searching key word based, you're having to really compete for that business. When they search your business name, they’ve made a conscious decision to think of going with you already. The sale is almost mostly done. They're not going to question you on price. You don't have to call the lead back within five minutes or you miss that opportunity. You have earned their trust upfront because they trust your brand, you've built that confidence within them. A big piece of buying is trust. 

And if you can earn that trust by marketing your brand, you're going to be one step forward, you're going to have better customers, higher average sale prices, and smoother sales processes than if you're competing for a key word versus building your brand (ie something like best dropshipping products would work great, as it’s a low competition keyword). 

One more point on investing into your brand versus key words on Google is this, you are investing in the future success of your company. You are increasing the valuation of your company. Your brand awareness is growing your revenues and driving success so every dollar you invest in your marketing is giving you long term results. When you invest in Google, that is hamster on a wheel. Every key word you pay for Google is hamster on a wheel, and as soon as your budget runs out, you are no longer visible. And so you are not investing for the future, you're just investing for right now. When you're investing in your brand, you get the benefits on both. You get the results of now, but also into the future. 

Now all that being said, Google search is still important and you should still think about the most valuable key words. But maybe instead of investing in so many key words and spending so much money there, you just pick the best ones. Maybe you just picked something like chiropractor near me because the near me searches in a small radius. If you put a radius of like five miles around your office, could be very effective, and maybe you want to invest money there. 

My point is, you need to be investing in your brand very much so in addition to that. And that is to have brand advertising in digital billboards online and offline. Whether it's offline on a highway, as people drive around town to just built that trust and confidence, or it's on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube and the popular channels where they visit all day long. You need to be pouring in investments there for your brand and your logo and your business so they think of you first. And then if they do see you on a Google search, they are going to click your listing instead of your competitor's because they know who you are and they trust you.

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