5 Ways To Earn Money With Amazon

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When it comes to online marketplaces, Amazon has long been one of the most popular choices for online buyers and sellers - and for good reason. Over the years, as the e-commerce industry has boomed, Amazon has seen growth of 25-30% annually, leaving many of its competitors in the dust. But, what does that mean for you? 

There are many ways you can benefit from the amazing opportunities that Amazon has created, so let’s look at just five ways you can earn money with Amazon

5 Top Ways To Earn With Amazon.com

Sell Goods Wholesale 

Let’s start with the avenue of revenue that most people associate with Amazon: selling goods wholesale. While the practice is not as easy as it was when there were fewer sellers on the platform (making for less competition), wholesaling goods on Amazon is still a fantastic way to make money. Statistics site Statista estimates that, as of last year, Amazon had an average of more than 500 million unique monthly visitors, making the site one of the best places to get items seen for sellers. 

Sell Handcrafted Items 

If selling someone else’s items doesn’t appeal to you then Amazon can help you in another way, by giving you a platform to sell your own handcrafted items through Amazon Handmade. This invitation-only platform gives artisan crafters a space of their own to advertise their handcrafted wares, giving small-time crafters the chance of exposure on one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. 

Publish Your Own Books 

Whether you are a published author or just an average Joe with a flair for language and a desire to be published, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing may be just for you. In addition to giving authors the opportunity to publish their work digitally, with Amazon’s CreateSpace, you can even print your own book on-demand as well. So whether you’re looking to add your name to the bookshelves or are just hoping to share your travel stories with the world, selling books on Amazon is fairly simple

Sell Services Through Amazon Services 

It’s not only people selling goods, handcrafted or wholesale that can benefit from the Amazon network. Plumbers, roofers, house cleaning services and other local professionals can sign up on Amazon Services to be matched with clients in their area, all you need is General Liability insurance and proof that you are a licensed professional to join. The service is free to join, however, there is a revenue share fee that applies to all professionals, so take that into account when pricing your services. 

Join The Amazon Delivery Service 

So far, we’ve looked at ways you can sell things on Amazon, but that’s not the only way you can earn money through the Amazon network, after all, those parcels all need to be delivered too. Aside from jobs like warehouse delivery associate, you can join the system as a part-time driver through Amazon Flex, which is available in most medium and large cities across America. To get started with Flex, simply download the app on your mobile phone and answer a few questions. Qualifying delivery people have the flexibility to only take jobs they want during shifts they choose, however, if you are in a small town or live far from a large city, you may find your opportunities a bit more limited than those people in major cities. 

Earn With Amazon

So, whether you are selling goods, services or even your first novel, Amazon can help you build your business and grow your brand with its network of linked sites to you turn your side-job into your main money earner. It's time to learn and earn with Amazon.com!

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