How to Receive Credit Card Payments Online As An Entrepreneur

how to receive credit card payments online entrepreneur digital pay software

Close to 70% of Americans regularly shop online. 

It shows how important online shopping has become. The world of e-commerce has arrived. With the arrival of online shopping, there's a greater need for entrepreneurs to know how to receive credit card payments. 

Every entrepreneur who has an online business should know how to receive credit card payments. It's how they are going to generate profit. You don't want a credit card payment to be the reason you aren't making money. 

To ensure your online business runs smoothly, here's the complete guide on how to get paid online with a customer's credit card. 

You Should Research Different Payment Processors

A payment processor handles transactions for online businesses. But it also accepts different payments. 

When you're looking for an online payment processor, you should figure out if you want to be paid with a digital wallet or an ACH transfer. You should also look at the fees you will be paying with different payment processors. 

The most important consideration when you are looking for a payment processor is to make sure the process is seamless for the customer. 

You can also look at this all-in-one service and how it accepts payments online. 


Stripe is a payment processor used for online businesses. It accepts all major credit cards. Customers can also pay either from their desktop or mobile device. You can also accept payments over the phone. 

Stripe also gives you the option to customize your checkout. 

The fee that Stripe charges is 2.9% + 0.30. 

Another unique feature of Stripe is that you can accept payments on a recurring basis. For instance, if you have customers paying for a subscription, they will automatically pay per month without you having to manually send an invoice. 


Another major payment processor is PayPal. With PayPal, there are no hidden fees and it's simple to send an invoice to customers. 

Similar to Stripe, PayPal also charges 2.9% or 0.30 per payment transaction. 

PayPal's API allows you to seamlessly integrate with shopping carts for your online business. 

Another cool feature with PayPal is that you can add Buy Now or Subscribe buttons to your online business. 

You can also set up recurring payments with clients using PayPal, so you don't have to manually invoice them. 

Now You Can Receive Credit Card Payments

Receiving credit card payments is essential to your business. It's essential that you get paid for the product you give to your customers. Whatever payment processor you choose will be dependent on what you're most comfortable with using. 

While Stripe and PayPal offer different options, you should also look at other payment processors like Square and additional fintech software. You should find one that is compatible with your business and that is the easiest for your customer. 

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