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With our industry-leading services, you can take full control of your print environment, maximise productivity and efficiency, be in complete compliance and, of course, reduce costs. Because we are managed print specialists and since we’re Xerox’s largest partner in all of Europe, we’re in a position to advise print providers as to harnessing digital technology and how to grow their business through seamless integration of hardware, software, and various services that customers will want. 

Print Services That Are Managed 

We cater to providing you with the insight and the power so you’re in more control of print costs. We help you to manage security risks with ease. With our input, you’ll be able to maximise employee productivity through business processes and document workflow that are both more efficient. With a well-managed print service, this is all within your grasp. 


Recognised in the managed print market as being the leading manufacturers, we combine Xerox and HP technologies and toolsets together with our experience in order to develop customer-focused solutions and software. 

Xerox® Workplace Cloud 

With Xerox® Workplace Cloud you can take full advantage of authentication, cost control, print management, and mobility workflows. It’s an ideal platform for those that wish to make cuts to local network infrastructure or for those that want to manage their printers across numerous networks and multiple locations. Since it’s in the cloud Xerox manages updates and patches thereby freeing your IT resources and providing you with maximum security. 

Xerox ConnectKey Technology 

Continuous progress is always being made in the workplace environment. And it’s no different in terms of being mobile. With Xerox ConnectKey Technology all processes are seamless and streamlined. For businesses to remain competitive, it’s imperative they embrace the cutting-edge technologies of today and tomorrow. 

Production Printing 

Though billions of pages are printed annually only a small percentage of these are printed digitally. With the introduction of digital technology and data for the provision of new and cutting-edge capabilities in areas such as publishing photographic content, Xeretec is here to help. 

Software Development 

When you invest in managed print services it’s not a case of one size fits all. At Xeretec we utilise a software development team that builds apps and designs variable workflows as a way of meeting the bespoke requirements of our customers. 

Device As A Service 

Because of your workforce’s changing profile, it’s necessary to offer the right technology. With Device as a Service, otherwise referred to as DaaS, we combine hardware leasing together with lifecycle services of an end-to-end nature into one monthly contract that’s paid for on a per-device basis. This is inclusive of managed services, full asset management, as well as an array of technology refresh options. 

Cloud Services 

Software as a Service, otherwise referred to as Saas, is the way that applications are accessed online without having to install and maintain the appropriate in-house software or hardware. The application provider, in this case Xeretec, hosts the application centrally where it is also maintained and secured. This provides you with access that is trouble-free - access whenever and wherever it’s required. 

Network Services 

Our network services at Xeretec (XNS) means that SMEs can access IT expertise without needing to employ dedicated IT personnel. We make XNS available on a monthly contract or pay-as-you-go basis. With XNS you get solutions and support for your IT security needs, for installation of PCs and workstations, and you get back-up as well as email. It works to minimise downtime which saves you time as well as money. 


At Xeretec we take the approach of going above and beyond with regards to our services. This way our clients always get optimal value options to meet their needs. Our comprehensive range of supplies includes stationery, consumables, office furniture, and refreshments. If you have a requirement for a niche product we’ll work hard to get this for you through our specialist international suppliers. At Xeretec, we have a passion for customer service that is nothing short of excellent and we always strive to provide you with the products that are an ideal fit to your needs. 

Finance Services 

We fully understand that a bespoke print solution will have a huge impact on your business. This is why we would like everyone to benefit. To make things easier Xeretec has teamed together with a handful of top finance providers such as HP Financial Services and Xerox Finances. This way our customers can take advantage of the very best financing terms at rates that are highly competitive. And regardless of how many suppliers are involved, we’ll work together with our financing partners so you can avail of a single, easily managed contract for everything you purchase.

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