DIY Dual Monitor Stand For Less Money

homemade diy dual monitor stand computer lcd screen desk

I always wanted to have a Multi-Monitor Setup. I just couldn't afford one. I bought two monitors, after some savings. Once you place them on the table it's kind of messy. I don't want them mounted on the wall, either. There are no Basic Models available. I felt, therefore, that I should make one myself. I wasn't looking forward to it looking nice. I used some of the shelf bits, two VESA monitors I bought from ebay for 460 INR ($8 approx) and some support from my father:) It wasn't intended to be a tutorial or make step by step. I explained exactly how I had made mine. 

Phase 1: Things I've Used 

● One Old Steel Frame ( I am not sure you will get this thing anywhere, I got this one from a old machine) 
● Wooden Plank 
● Two 100X100 VESA mount ( Since I have dual monitors ) 
● Black Paint 
● Few Screws and Clamp 

Things That I Bought: 

● Two VESA Mounts for 460 INR 

Phase 2: Wooden Board Fastening 

Attach the Clamp to the Metal Frame with a Single Pipe bracket. Just to make sure the stability. 

Phase 3: VESA + Monitor 

● Mount the VESA Mounts to the monitor with screws given. Make sure you tighten the screw! 

● Fix the VESA holder to the wooden Plank. Mark it accordingly so that you will have a optimal view on both monitor. 

Phase 4: Paint As You Want 

Paint them with the perfect colour. Link the monitor to your dual monitor system and have some Cool Dual Screen Wallpaper. 

Phase 5: Final Product 

You are now done with your homemade dual monitor stand! Enjoy your DIY dual monitor stand in all of its glory. 

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