Why Buy Refurbished Electronics for Your Small Business?

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A smart business, be it a new and small one or a veteran in the industry, always explores different options. After all, no matter how trivial certain aspects of operations are, they deserve to be improved so that the overall business performance can become better. Not only that, new methods of doing things are excellent learning opportunities. 

Many found the four-day work week strategy not only unconventional but counterintuitive; however, the results showed a vast improvement in service quality and workers' expertise, creating a better work economy and environment. 

Another dynamic solution to a common issue that small business face — the rising cost of setting up workstations — is to opt for buying refurbished electronics such as computers, laptops, iPads, iPhones, and other office equipment instead of new ones. 

Reasons Why Refurbished Electronics Are Good For Small Businesses

When it comes to refurbished devices, there's no denying that their lower cost is one of the key reasons why they are ideal for SMEs. A company can save as much as 50 percent of the initial standard retail price of brand-new electronics when they decide to buy refurbished options. 

This is just one reason, though. Here are six others proving that choosing refurbished electronics is a smart business decision. 

1. The Performance Of Refurbished Electronics Is Just As Good As That Of Brand-New Electronics 

The refurbishing industry is highly focused on quality. It works with experts from different brands and gets refurbished items completely certified. Also, performance studies prove that there's not much difference (if any at all) in functionality between refurbished items and brand new devices. 

Also, function-wise, SMEs find that the new features and functionalities of the latest technological devices are not necessarily business-relevant. The key features they use remain the same in new models. Plus, whatever programs they need are downloadable into the device. 

For example, there will be no issue with downloading and using restaurant inventory software in an old refurbished iPad or iPhone. Refurbished devices still function well and allow SMEs to carry out all their business functions while saving money. Therefore, with performance as a gauge for usefulness, your small business doesn’t need to buy the latest models of electronics to support operations. 

2. Using Refurbished Electronics Supports Small Businesses Sustainability Goals 

Sustainability is a top priority for small businesses, and it's much easier to be sustainable when you can control costs without sacrificing the quality of your products and services. 

With refurbished electronics or appliances, you can harness both benefits easily. You can purchase a high-performing device to utilize for your operations. You also get to save some money which can then be used for investing in other pieces of equipment to sustain good results. 

3. It's An Eco-Responsible Business Strategy

Opting for refurbished electronics reduces the amount of e-waste that make their way into landfills. According to the Scientific American, electronic devices that get thrown out release toxic elements such as cadmium, lead, and mercury, all of which can cause air, land, and water pollution. 

E-waste is a serious problem, especially in developed nations. Japan, for instance, deals with mountains of old electronic devices that people have disposed of. Fortunately, the country has innovative recycling programs that address these items. One such program turned old electronic parts into the medals for the upcoming 2020 Olympics, which is among the great sources of pride for the upcoming sporting event. 

Small businesses can also do their share in protecting the environment by not being a part of a quick disposal culture and investing in refurbished products instead. Also, it feels fantastic to do so. Environmentally sound operations cultivate pride and boost workers' good morale. 

4. It Can Support Expansion Goals

According to a top provider of refurbished electronics, their products help small businesses grow faster because they make it possible to buy more equipment that can meet the demand for particular services. Quite often, sharing devices in the company leads to inconsistencies when delivering products and services. Why settle for a single iPhone X when you can have multiple refurbished iPhone 7s that more workers can use? 

Inconsistency is one of the leading causes of slow growth. It makes developing customer trust and loyalty a challenge. However, if you have all the devices you need to get the job done right (and quickly), you can effectively avoid missed opportunities for upsells and repeat transactions. 

5. It Can Build A Good Company Image

The choice to use refurbished items instead of buying brand-new electronic equipment can align with the moral values of end-users. As mentioned earlier, this is an eco-responsible strategy and quality that can be promoted for positive brand development and reputation. 

Marketing studies indicate that there is strong support for environmentally sound or green practices. A lot of consumers these days choose to buy from and stay loyal to companies whose values are similar to theirs. At the same time, many of them do not mind serving as free endorsers for such companies 

So, get this quality and strategy out there for your small business and effectively attract a reliable, like-minded market to back you up. 

6. Repairs And Upgrades Are Done Faster For Refurbished Items 

Finally, exclusivity is one of the main issues that users of brand-new electronics deal with. Quite often, they feel like they can only use the repair services of the main product distributor. Not only are the exclusive services pricier, but they are not always accessible. 

However, with refurbished products, SMEs do not have to deal with the exclusivity issue as much. There are more refurbishing specialists than certified service centers that can handle repairs and upgrades. Plus, their service rates are more budget-friendly. All these make it a breeze for small businesses to get back to work sooner. 

Growing A Business Is All About Building A Solid Performance 

When you're a small business, your focus should always be on getting and providing good value, and good value is never about the flash and frills. So, if you can rely on a refurbished product to perform as well as a brand-new one in upholding your operations, why should you opt for the latter? 

Mirza Saqib Habib is the Business Manager at Dubai-based Teckzu, the perfect one-stop shop to discover, browse, and buy new and refurbished electronics such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and accessories. Mirza comes from a strong E-commerce background with over 6 years of regional experience. He has helped kick-start many startups in the past and is passionate about using technology to facilitate a seamless digital user experience.

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