Tips To Maintain Your Accessories

tips maintain accessories jewelry maintenance guide

Getting dressed up in a classic or customized dress for the party or any special occasion is not enough, and it demands the addition of other accessories to add charm and twinklers to the whole look from tip to toe. Either dressing up for any charity drive or best friend's wedding, all your accessories should coordinate with the dress and, according to the event to give yourself a perfect glamorous look. 

Several types of jewelry, shoes, bracelets, and caps or hats are there that can go with your outfit, and people often carry customized accessories for the promotion of events and also spread awareness messages through promotional hats on charity events or exhibitions. These kinds of strategies are memorable for everyone, and people who are fond of collecting such accessories love to increase their collection. But these accessories often get damaged or tarnished because of carelessness and negligence. So, if you are crazy and possessive about your shades, heels, belts, and jewelry, etc. then you have to be a little careful when it comes to cleaning and storing them. People with careless attitudes tend to have more discolored and dull accessories because of not wearing and handling them properly. Here in this article, we are going to share a few ways that will guide you on how to maintain your accessories with some easy yet informative tips from storing to cleaning with liquid cleansers, etc. 

Ways To Keep Your Accessories Bright And Shining

Either it is about maintaining your health or keeping your accessories to the last longer they both need extra care and attention, or else it results in tarnished, damaged and dull things. These accessories are the last things that a person wears after getting dressed up, so they should be used and wear with extra care and taken off immediately after the event to avoid any problem. A few tips should always be kept in mind if you are willing to keep your accessories happy and perfect. 

Cleaning, Cleaning, And Cleaning

There are several ways by which you can protect your shoes and jewelry, etc. but one of the most inexpensive and easy ways is regular cleaning. It does not need any extra effort and hard work to clean them like few pieces of jewelry need to clean at least once in a month, and the same goes for the shoes. Always go for cleaning of boots, scarves, and other things after the season change to avoid a heap of dirt and dust. You can either opt for some cleaning materials like liquid cleansers for your glasses and shades and some rubbing alcohol and warm water as the pieces of jewelry are very delicate and fragile. 

Proper Storing Of Accessories

Either it is about storing any medicine in a pharmacy or storing your shoes in a closet, both should be done carefully with all the possible safety. Nearly half of the materials and things get wasted and damaged because of improper storage and unsuitable environment. While storing your shoes or hats in a closet, make sure they should not be kept or hanged in the corner, instead of putting them in a combined closet with other things, it is better to get a shoe rack for your heels to prevent them from any damage or put them in a separate portion of the closet. While storing your hats in acid-free white tissue is best to buffer them. 

Avoid Loose Jewelry That Could Get Tangled

Sometimes because of laziness and negligence, we often put all kinds of jewelry in a single box like necklaces, earrings, and rings that cause them to get tangled, scratched, and discolored. So one of the best ways to avoid such a problem is to get a jewelry box with separate portions for every type of jewelry to keep them safe and untangled with easy access. A soft pouch bag or wrapping in tissue also does the trick for gold rings and necklaces. 

Keep The Accessories Away From Moisture

Though moisture and hydration are essential for our skin, it can be the biggest enemy of our accessories, and exposure of your shoes with the moisture or water can affect the leather and lackluster. Therefore it is essential to use water repellent spray before wearing shoes. While talking about jewelry, there are a few pieces that get dull because of water, so always wear your ornaments after a shower to last its shine. 

Remodel Your Articles

Sometimes the damage is quite impossible to fix after all possible efforts, but it can be remodeled by giving a new style and shape, so do not get disheartened if any of your favorite pieces deteriorate or you are unable to fix them because there are several ways by which you can maintain your accessory for a long term use. A broken necklace can be used again by turning it into a bracelet or a ring into a pendant. 

Remove The Accessories 

One of the most important ways to maintain the shelf life of your accessories is to remove them before swimming, spa sessions, washing dishes, or laundry. Because of the contact with water or any harmful chemical, they get dull, stale, and lose their shine and color. While the same goes for the wristwatches, even if they are waterproof, they tend to get damaged and lose their resistance because of continuous contact with water and perfumes. So, take preventive measures to avoid such issues. 

Make Improvements To Your Accessory Maintenance 

When it comes to accessories, people are fond of having a collection of jewelry, hats, and branded watches, and shoes, and they love to spend a lot of amounts on these things. But all these things cannot last long if not provided with proper care, so always do cleaning and proper storing of your items to prevent them from dirt, water, and dust. Wear the accessories occasionally as their color get fade and dull because of exposure to certain perfumes and chemicals. So, give a try to these tips if you want to maintain your accessories for a more extended period.

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