Essential Settings For The Olymp Trade Platform

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Welcome to the Olymp trade wiki. Today we will discuss settings for the Olymp trade platform. You can always modify those settings on the trading platform that you are using to better suit your purposes. You click the settings icon in the lower part on the left of the screen to enter the setting area. There are two setting options in the Olymp Trade Wiki Platform. One is the main setting and another is the chart setting. 

Main Setting: 

In the main setting, you can change the following characteristics: 

1. Language 

Olymp Trade Platform is such a platform that is used by traders globally. For that reason, the developers insert multiples languages into the setting options. They wanted to make the Olymp Trade Platform easier for their users. So, now you can find a language option in the setting and when you click on this setting, you can see different types of languages. You can choose any language you want that you understand well. Most of the individuals choose their own languages and the rest of the users can use the English language because nowadays, English has become an international and business language. 

2. Sound 

You can see a sound option in the setting of the Olymp Trade application. If you turn on the sound option it will help you to let you know the notifications. We recommend to turn on the sound option because when you are not using this application, you are able to receive important messages from the Olymp Trade Platform. You can turn off the sound as well but there is a high risk to miss out on the notifications. So, it is your choice of what you would do with your sound setting. 

3. Color Theme

A theme makes an application’s outfit beautiful and more attractive. Because of this, it’s an important part of an application. You can find theme options in every app setting as well as in the Olymp Trade platform. In this application, you will get 2 options available dark and light. Some individuals like to use a dark theme and some people like to use a light theme. You can choose any of them that suit you. It’s not too significant. It's just a theme. 

4. 1-Click Trade

This setting provides you an extra facility. When you mark this window, you can enter without any confirmation of the position where you decide to open your trade. But if it is not marked, you have to face confirmation issues for security purposes. If you want to make an Olymp Trade Platform easier for you then we suggest you mark this option. 

5. 1-Click Closing

The developers insert this option into the setting to make the Olymp Trade Platform easier and efficient for its users. By selecting this option you can sell your trade by 1-click. You can close your trade by 1-click as well. When you use this it does not even require any confirmation. This option makes this platform more useful and helpful to its users. 

6. Pending Trades

This option shows the pending trades editor on the panel for making trades. When you are so much interested in pending trades and wanted to order pending trades you just need to click on this option. After then you can see the pending trades and you can order these trades. 

7. Multiplier

You need to select Forex Trading to use this feature. You will see the multiplier editor on the panel if the checkbox is enabled. If you do not choose the Forex Trade you can not use Multiplier. When you find that you can not use this option don’t bother. The only reason is you did not select Forex Trade. 

8. Take Profit And Stop Loss

For Forex Trade there are two options in the setting. One is Multiplier and another is Take Profit And Stop Loss. To enable this option just click on the box. 

Chart Setting

You have to adjust several chart settings besides the key settings. Basically, you can choose whether or not you want those features to appear on the interface of the application. 

1. Strike Price

If you want to see the strike price you have to enable the strike price option. Once you enabled the strike price it will show strike price on the chart. 

2. Indicators

You would not see a symbol for the indicators on the charts if this window is unmarked. So, if don’t miss any symbol just mark the window. 

3. Chart Types

You can also choose whether you would like to screen the chart-types icon. 

Time To Trade

You have the option to change the settings to simplify your work as a trader. What kind of trader you are, what tactics you use and so on all relies on your interests. For example, by eliminating all redundant symbols, you can change the chart to suit your requirements in such a way that the chart is transparent and open. I hope this article “Setting for the Olymp Trade Platform” will help you.

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