Why You Need To Book Profits At Trading

book profits trading forex

Many investors have no idea why profitable traders are turning into failure at the end of the day. This article will tell you about a very important concept that is often neglected by the traders. The traders always think to blame their strategy for losing money. But the brokers are also to be blamed as they hide the dangers of trading to attract more clients. Being a full-time trader, you need to learn to book at the profit without having exposed to high risk. Let’s discuss the strategy of locking profit as it can decide the ultimate fate in Forex. Continue reading this article until the very end as this will explain the idea of making consistent profit. 

Booking Profit 

Before going deep, it is important to know what does locking or booking means at currency trading. Let’s think about an open trade on the AUDUSD pair. A naive investor will try to hold onto the position to get the maximum amount of reward but an experienced person will exit ASAP when the target has been fulfilled. This smart decision to execute an order without giving a second thought helps to book the profit. In other words, you need to know the perfect time for closing profitable trades. Unless you can do this, you are going to lose money most of the time. 

Reducing The Stress 

Those who don’t have predefined take profit level, are always under stress. They need to monitor the price movement on a regular basis just to find the perfect exit point. But look at the elite traders using the best Forex broker Australia. They always set predefined take profit and stop loss as it significantly reduces the stress at trading. You should always behave like professional investors who care about the safety of their investment. Stop trading with heavy stress since it will never increase your potential profit. Try to reduce the stress by automating a certain portion of your strategy. For instance, there is no reason to hold on to a losing position when it exceeds 2% of your account balance. Learn to play safe to be the best trader. 

Advantage Of Having Defined Goals 

When the minimum amount of time has been spent the chance of losing money or undertaking a wrong decision reduces significantly. It implies that even a beginner can have the chance to execute and wonderful trade with the right strategy that it is closed at the right time. Secondly, it helps to develop a consistent and healthy routine by following a systematic procedure. Many losses occur as people keep on switching strategies to find the perfect one. There is no ultimate method as the industry is always changing and there is no technique to maintain a winning streak forever. 

The situation improves when a systemic process is followed duly at trading. This will not reduce the losses but will provide a better solution to manage the fund. Another hidden advantage of booking the profit is that it helps to control your emotions. Many people often get emotional when failure circling frequently without warning. Things become more complex when news data are released, as it impacts the pattern beyond imagination. This sometimes results in unexpected failure even for the professionals. 


When a person is always exciting after fulfilling the objective, he will be making sure that there are no unnecessary dangers on his account. Do not get the idea that it will limit the possibility of a trader. Such an approach will help you to maintain a consistent amount of reward every month. 

If you don't believe us, use the forex trading demo account and implement this strategy for a few months. It can be observed that the performance is not as horrible as before. Moreover, the brain stops thinking to analyze the situation whether it is profitable to hold the position.

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