How to Use CBD Oil for Sleep with Proper Dosage

how to use cbd oil for sleep proper dosage cannabidiol sleeping

According to a survey by Consumer Reports, over 27% of Americans reported that they have trouble falling or staying asleep most nights, and 68%, or 164 million Americans, say that they do at least one night a week or more. Getting enough sleep is crucial. Risks of too little sleep include increased stress, increased risk of depression, lower sex drive, forgetfulness, weight gain, and chronic illness. All of these factors also negatively impact focus and work performance.

We all need better and longer and more restful sleep, but how can we get it?

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of your sleep, and many of us have tried them all. Sleeping in a very dark and cool room can help, and so can moving away from electronics an hour or more before bedtime. Avoiding caffeine, reducing sugar consumption at night, and taking melatonin works for some people, but even these simple sleep tips don't work for everybody.

Perhaps there is one thing you haven't tried yet, though. More and more people are reporting that they are getting better sleep every night by incorporating CBD oil into their routine. You may be hesitant to use this substance, but you shouldn't be. Verified CBD oil very well may be the solution to all your sleep problems and chronic pain.

Read on to learn how to use CBD oil for sleep, and start experiencing the benefits of better sleep right away.

What is CBD Oil?

Some people are afraid to try CBD oil because they know that it comes from the Cannabis sativa plant. However, CBD oil is perfectly safe and users do not experience any psychotropic effects.  THC is the active ingredient in Cannabis sativa that gets the user high, and many CBD oils do not have any THC in them at all. It comes from the same plant, but it is a different compound entirely.

Others are worried to try CBD (cannabidiol) because they might not realize that it is legal to purchase and use in most states. Although the laws surrounding CBD are confusing, and often times state laws regarding sale conflict with federal laws, you will not get in trouble for purchasing or ingesting CBD oil in most places.

CBD Oil for Sleep

Many of the effects of CBD on the body will help with sleep. Although the user will not get high, he or she will find it easier to fall asleep and also easier to stay asleep for long periods. It will combat insomnia in general, too.

Users also will experience less anxiety and less chronic pain. These two things often cause sleep issues and once they are eradicated, the user will sleep well. Read more about the benefits of CBD at CBD Armour today.

How to Use CBD Oil for Sleep

You should always speak to your doctor before trying anything to help you sleep, but today, most doctors will be on board if you tell them you would like to try CBD. 

Dosages will vary greatly from individual to individual. People come in all shapes and sizes and larger people will need more than smaller people to experience the effects. It is best to start with a small dose at first and then move up from there.

However, with that said, research indicates that a dose of 160 mg of cannabidiol by mouth before going to bed will likely be effective for most. If you try that and you feel like you need more, increase your dosage in 10 mg increments over several days and see if that helps.

Some people do experience CBD tolerance over time, so you may have to increase your dosage in those cases, too. If you find that CBD is not working for you at all regardless of dose administered, there are several other reasons that might be the case. 

Sweet Dreams with CBD Oil - Cannabidiol Conclusion

CBD can change your life in many ways, and so can get a better night's sleep. Now that you know how to use CBD oil for sleep, there's no reason not to give it a try. Cannabidiol is all natural and healthy compared to sleeping pill drug alternatives. 

Soon you will be sleeping like a champion, and you will be ready to take on the world, all thanks to cannabidiol. Sleep well friend!

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