What Is The Connection Between SEO And Parallax Scrolling Of Your Website?

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Not just important, search engine optimization is essential today for every website owner. To run an eCommerce store or online-based business, you need to focus on different aspects of search engine optimization. Even small things matter a lot in the field of search engine optimization. Small things mean the design of your website, use of certain keywords in the meta description and many more. This is why SEO campaigns are needed to be managed by the experts, who possess terrific knowledge, experience and expertise in this field. If your website has parallax scrolling, it may have some impact on the overall SEO campaign. In the following section, you can find a complete guide in this regard. 

The Latest Trend Of Parallax Scrolling 

In the field of website design, you shall notice different trends at different points of time. For example, you may see the minimalist website designing trends. It means there would not be any heavy images on a website. The overall interface will be simplistic, and images will be flat. Using the flat images will help the website to load faster. A faster loading website will eventually be liked by the users and the search engine robot. As a result, overall SEO rank of the website will be escalated. 

When it comes to the latest website designing trends, you shall find that parallax website designing is quite popular today. Many websites feature parallax website design in today's time. However, there is some confusion too regarding parallax website design. Many people opine that parallax website designing is not search engine friendly. That means you may lose SEO benefits if you adopt parallax website design on your website. Is that true? Well, the statement certainly looks a little impulsive. In the following section, a detailed investigation of this statement shall be done. 

Parallax Scrolling And Its Origin 

Originally, parallax scrolling was introduced by the online gaming industry. It was introduced to provide more depth on the gaming interface to the users. Gradually, the parallax scrolling turns out to be popular. With rising popularity, it is now used by many people. Many websites have adopted this design technique as the website owners must have thought that parallax scrolling would offer better user experience. Actually, it delivers a good user experience. But there are some problems. The major concern is that the parallax website design can make the website slow to load. A slow-loading website is not actually good for SEO. A few more observations have been done in this regard. These observations have been explained below. 

• It has been liked by many people, and that is why it has turned into a trend. 

• It tries to provide 3D experience to the users or website visitors. 

• It can move the background image so that 3D like effect can be achieved. 

• Parallax website scrolling does not talk about one-page web structure. 

Parallax Website Design For Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Through observations, it has been found that parallax website design is not suitable for the purpose of a traditional website design which can fetch you SEO benefits. If you want to adopt the SEO benefits, you need to follow various parallax website designing basics. Parallax scrolling can be made SEO friendly through some techniques. For that, you have to follow the details as provided below. 

• With parallax scrolling, different image contents of the website can be moved at a different speed. Images should be used meticulously so that loading problem does not occur. 

• When you have parallax scrolling on your website, you need to follow on-page SEO with more importance. On-page SEO includes content optimization, keyword relevance, content relevance, meta keywords, meta description and many more. All these things are required to be covered with perfection. 

• For mobile users, parallax scrolling, is not the best thing. It turns the website heavy and also it is difficult to use parallax scrolling with the mobile screen. 

It has been found that most of the websites do not follow proper SEO standard for parallax scrolling. To follow the best SEO standards, you need to follow the techniques as discussed below. 

Three Major SEO Techniques For Parallax Scrolling 

In the following section, you shall find three major SEO techniques which can make your website SEO friendly despite you have adopted the parallax scrolling trend on your website. 

1. “One Page” Web Design With jQuery 

As stated above, parallax scrolling does not support the "one-page" website concept, and that is something which makes the websites incompetent to catch the attention of the search engine robot. You need a "one-page" design for the website. Despite parallax scrolling, it can be made possible with jQuery. So, when you have chosen a website designer, you need to find someone who can provide you website designing solution with jQuery. The good thing is that it will make your website SEO friendly. However, there could be some drawbacks. The major drawback is surely the incompetency for analytics. For SEO, you need to have a lot of data. Data can be fetched through Google Analytics. But the analytics would not work properly with a jQuery based "one-page" website. However, there are some other analytics scripts which you can use. Some analytics tools are also there to monitor the website's performance. 

2. Multiple Parallax Scrolling 

This is a simple yet highly effective technique to make a website SEO friendly. When you are thinking about parallax scrolling, you need to adopt the multiple parallax scrolling techniques. It will help the search engine to recognize your website as a more user-friendly website. As a result, you shall obtain obvious SEO benefits. 

3. Parallax Scrolling On Home Page 

If you choose parallax scrolling only for home page, you shall be immensely benefited. First of all, it will help you to keep your website, lightweight. You will have the parallax website scrolling at the home page for the website visitors. Remaining website will be simple and conventional. So, this will make inner pages of your website more SEO-friendly as well as convenient. 

Learn More About How Website SEO And Parallax Scrolling Are Interconnected

For more information on SEO and Parallax scrolling, you can stay tuned to our website. Dental SEO experts can help you to know more on the subject of website search engine optimization and parallax scrolling.

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