What Is Magnet Therapy? And Does It Work?

what is magnet therapy does it work

Magnetic therapy uses various types of magnets to ease pain, enhance sleep, and restore energy levels. This alternative form of therapy has proved to be safe, economical, effective and simple to use. This is an ancient form of healing, with records of it being used dating back as much as 2000 years. 

What Theory Is Magnetic Therapy Based Upon? 

The theory behind magnetic therapy is that our bodies all have electromagnetic fields, which are also referred to as bioenergetic fields. In the ancient texts they are referred to as chi, life force or even energy flow. 

Magnetic therapy uses this energy flow to help heal various ills in the body. This is possible because this energy flow passes through all the tissues and cells of our bodies. 

How Does Magnetic Therapy Help? 

Magnetic therapy can help in the following ways: 

- Pain Relief 
- Reduction of Inflammation 
- Restoration of energy 
- Increasing blood circulation 
- Prevention and reduction of infections 
- Increase metabolic processing of toxins 
- Help accelerate the healing process 

How Is Magnetic Therapy Carried Out? 

When the negative (north) side of a magnet is placed upon a painful point of your body, fresh oxygenated blood is drawn to that part. This is possible because of the iron present in our blood, which pulls it to that magnet. 

The fresh blood flow to the injured or painful part of your body hastens the healing process, and that, in turn, helps reduce the inflammation and pain in the tissue there. 

Magnetic therapy can be delivered in various ways. You could wear shoe insoles fitted with a flexible magnetic rubber. Or you could use ceramic magnets, which are the most common types of magnets used for this form of therapy. The ceramic magnets are usually placed in pads, cushions, or wraps. 

Neodymium magnets (rare earth magnets) are used in magnetic jewelry that can work to relieve various maladies. These types of magnets are also used for magnetic acupressure therapy. 

Does Magnetic Therapy Really Work? 

Magnetic therapy is an ancient form of healing that has now also been proved scientifically to be an efficacious method of treatment. 

A 1997 study carried out by Baylor College of Medicine’s Dr. Carlos Valbona showed that 76% of patients with arthritis treated with magnetic therapy showed marked decrease in joint pains. 

Another study, carried out in 1999 by New York Medical College’s Dr. Michael Weintraub, shows a 90% success rate for treating foot pain caused by diabetes. 

A Word Of Caution 

Before you start typing a magnet store near me and start looking for neodymium magnets for sale, it is best to check whether it is safe for you to actually use magnets. Do not self-diagnose and start on your own course of magnetic therapy. Consult your physician first. 

For example, if you have an implanted medical device such as a pacemaker or an insulin pump inside your body, using magnets is a bad idea as they could interfere with the proper functioning of that equipment. Remember, they too have magnets inside them! 

And on a more practical note, if you are planning to wear magnetic jewelry for therapeutic use, keep your other magnetic items at a safe distance. Other magnetic items include your credit cards, smartphones, tablets, etc., since you could end up experiencing loss of data. 

While there are a ton of rare earth magnets for sale for therapeutic use, it is best to buy your therapy magnets from reliable and trusted sources. There are those who will use low-quality magnets instead of the high-quality ones that would actually help your healing process.

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