Top 5 Questions To Ask A Bookkeeper In Sydney

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Business owners would always want to focus their time on managing and finding ways to grow their business. That is why they would always have someone to manage their bookkeeping for them. The tasks of a bookkeeper include generating reports, making invoices, and reconciliation of bank accounts. 

If you have a business in Sydney and have an open position for a bookkeeper, remember that it's not that easy to find someone that will fit in your bookkeeping needs. One of the effective ways to find the right Sydney based bookkeeper for your business would be to go through an interview process. Interviews will help you screen potential candidates. By questioning them the right questions, you’ll have the opportunity to spot the best candidate who will likely deliver the best results in doing the bookkeeping job. 

So here are the tops questions you should be asking during the interview. 

Why Did You Become A Bookkeeper? 

You might find this question strange, and chances are candidates may be caught off guard hearing this. However, their reaction and how they answer this question will tell you about how passionate they are about their chosen career. The answer they should be given should inspire you, and you'll feel assured knowing that they are dedicated to providing their service. 

You will know that they are serious about their profession if they have a passion and love for business success. Maybe they have business before that didn't succeed because of serious bookkeeping mistakes. Because of this bad experience, they make it a commitment to make sure it doesn't happen to other businesses, especially for companies that are starting to grow. 

Take note of the candidate that gives an answer that is well-aligned to your business needs. While it's good if you have the same mission for a business, it's also crucial that the candidate stays true as to why they choose that profession

Are You Familiar With My Business Industry? 

While bookkeeping can be a versatile job, you still need the set of skills and knowledge that is specific for your industry. For example, a bookkeeper who worked in a food business before would have difficulty in working in the health industry. You would need someone who has not only general knowledge but also familiar with what industry your business belongs to. Every industry has different processes so the bookkeeper must understand how financial matters of your industry should be resolved. 

While it's great if the candidate has experience working in the same industry as yours, you should not shy away from those who lack experience. They might have an interest or love in your industry, so they still might be the best person for your bookkeeping position. 

Are You Qualified And Registered? 

It is essential that you check the credentials of the person applying for the position. You will find some who has an accounting degree, business studies and diploma. Some may also be CPAs. Note that every jurisdiction has different requirements. There are areas where a license is required, and there are also areas where a license is not needed to practice bookkeeping. However, you need to know if the candidate is a certified bookkeeper in Sydney. You can also ask if they have undergone training and certifications. 

Having experience is ideal, primarily if they have worked for at least five years, but a two or three years' experience can be a good start. 

Technically speaking, anyone can be a bookkeeper. However, only hire the one with relevant degrees, excellent skills and knowledge, and significant accomplishments. 

How Is Your Communication? 

Ask the candidates how they handle communications tasks such as emails, reporting, and appointment setting. Bookkeeping is a crucial part of any business, so effective communication on this part is necessary. Since the task revolves in financial responsibilities, every piece of information must be appropriately presented not only to the management but to clients as well. 

You'll know if their communication is excellent if they have the ability to pay attention to details. Choose the one that communicates meaningful information. The best candidate must have zero tolerance for mistakes, and if there are discrepancies, they must be willing to spend efforts to find it. 

How Will You Protect Your Clients? 

Since you will be sharing financial information with your bookkeeper, you need someone you can trust. Bookkeeping tasks must be in good hands. Ask about how they value privacy and what security measures they will take to protect sensitive data. Find out how they’ll approach to keep information secured. They should be able to guarantee a 100% safety for your data. 

Hire the one that can provide excellent defense. You need someone who knows security procedures that can be implemented in every area of your bookkeeping. Excellent security measures in your business will help you reduce the risk of data breach, business fraud and privacy issues. Make sure that you can access the information immediately and securely. 

The above questions will help you understand how competent the bookkeeper is and if they have systems in place to be effective in doing a bookkeeping job. The key is to take time in doing interviews and ask the critical questions you feel needed. After all, you would need someone you can trust to take care of your books, so you can focus on running your business. So you should never take the process lightly.

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