Just How Do You Choose The Best Unsecured Business Loan

how to choose best unsecured business loan

A business can be expensive to start or run. Regardless of where you are in the business, a loan will take you to another level. Currently, there are so many options for people looking for loans. You can apply online or approach a lending institution. In recent years, most people have shifted to online banks, credit unions, and small banks where the lenders are easier. In Singapore, there over 20+ financial institutions, and banks and every bank have its own criteria and different types of loans available. This means you may borrow money online from a Licensed Money Lender with ease. You can use online loan assessment tools to compare several loans instantly. 

Term Loans 

Terms loans are long-term loans and they are available for business owners in need of huge loans but have an excellent credit rating. However, they are ideal for startups and are still not easy to come by because most lenders will ask for track records showing how your business has been doing. 

The process of applying for this loan is lengthy and only a small percentage is approved. If you successfully apply for an unsecured term loan, you have to pay a certain amount every month, which includes the principal amount and interest. Such loans come in handy when a business wants to buy an asset, remodel, support a long - term expansion, or buy another company. 

Short-Term Loan 

A short - term loan is for people looking for fast cash. It helps to cater for emergencies, pay off high - interest debts, fill in cash - flow gaps, or acquire new business opportunities. This type of loan is available for business owners with bad credit. Since they are not huge, short - term loans are processed quickly, and therefore, you get money just when you need it. 

The most significant drawback of short - term loans is that they to be repaid within a short time. Sometimes the payment has to be made weekly or monthly, and in rare cases, payment schedules maybe daily. 

Types Of Unsecured Loans 

Business Term Loan

This is one of the common types of capital loans. The borrower can access between $50K and $300k from a bank. Only well-established businesses can get the credit, and it’s usually repaid within several years, ranging from three to five years. 

SME Micro Loan 

This loan is offered by the government, and its meant for SMEs. The highest loan you can get is $100k, and it’s for companies that can prove they make less than $1 million and have 10 or fewer employees. 

SME Working Capital Loan 

SME Working Capital Loan is an initiative by the Singapore government to finance small businesses. It can loan you up to $300k. 

Trade Financing 

Trade financing is used to finance material purchases and inventories. Overseas suppliers must get a Letter of Credit or LC to help them access the trade financing credit. 

Receivable Or Factoring Financing 

Receivable or factoring financing is available for reputable businesses. It is an advance for outstanding invoices where you get between 80% and 90% of the amount owed. It is possible for a company with a proper credit rating. 

The invoices become your collateral and help you solve any problems that may arise due to unpaid invoices. You must prove that your business relies on invoiced payments, which is common in B2B businesses. This means your clients pay at different specific times, but you have some financial problems that need a quick solution. The lender charges some interest as you wait for your payment 

Property Financing 

Property financing is for businesses that want to buy assets or commercial properties. The lending institution will not ask for any security, and the property a business buys becomes the security. It is one of the ideal ways of financing a property acquirement for a business owner. 

Equipment Loan 

If you are just starting a business, equipment financing will come in handy. The loans are available for various types of business equipment, including business vehicles. As a business owner, you do not have to get any security for the loan as the equipment stands for collateral. These loans are structured like in hire purchase, but they are reasonably priced. However, loan rates are reasonable but vary depending on your business credit and the owner’s age. 

Purchase Order Financing

Purchase order financing gives an excellent lending chance for new businesses. It helps you out when you have many orders but no money to fulfill the demand. This type of loan works like invoice financing. With a purchase order, lenders pay your supplier to manufacture or deliver products ordered by customers. When the delivery is done and accepted, the buyer pays directly to the lender. Your lender deducts their loan and fees, and you get the remaining amount, which is your profit. 

Advantages Of Unsecured Business Loans 

Easy To Get High Amounts 

While this may look like almost impossible, unsecured business loans are available. The best thing about these loans is that they are not limited by the value of any collateral like the secured ones. They do not have any limitation s because most of the time, the item you are buying becomes your collateral. However, the interest and repayments are a bit high and tight compared to secured loans. 

Accessible To Both New And Established Business People 

Unsecured loans and especially short - term loans, do not have long processes. This means less paperwork to assess and value assets; you get the loan faster and on time compared secured financing. 


Secured loans for small businesses allow you flexibility. This is possible when you get an investment in the form of cash and not equipment or stock financing. You can spend the money on various business needs, such as hiring new staff, buying software, or working capital. 

Builds Relationships 

Unsecured loans help you create relationships, which are beneficial to your business. This comes in handy when you need a financial boost along the way. Once you prove your business is stable, and you are a trusted borrower, the lender will be glad to lend you money down the line, which will help you expand and grow businesswise. 

The Bottom Line 

Most business owners are not sure they can qualify for unsecured loans. It is worth checking even for people with bad credit. Your business financing is crucial and the way to recover from poor credit rating. But unsecured loans are available for both large and small businesses.

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