How You Can Choose The Best Boxes And Packaging Materials For Your Parcels

how to choose best boxes packaging materials parcel shipping

When you are packing your parcels for shipping abroad or domestically, you may already have a good idea of what to consider in regard to the packaging materials you need. First of all, in order to choose right, you have to think about the weight of the object or item, and you also have to think about the item’s size as well as shape. But apart from this, you have to consider the value of the contents and their form – if you are shipping liquids, this entails unique packaging techniques, and if you are shipping items which are valuable or delicate, you may need extra protective materials or cushioning. But selecting the right boxes and packaging materials can come with its own set of challenges as well; you will, of course, want to ensure that your items will not become broken or damaged whilst in transit. Here, then, is how you can choose the best boxes and packaging materials for your parcels. 

Choosing The Box 

Here’s the thing: shipping a parcel can be quite expensive, but it’s always better not to scrimp on the quality of the boxes you choose for shipping. It’s better to have an intact item rather than an item which has become damaged just because the box isn’t the proper fit or strength. Always choose boxes which are sturdy and durable, and, if possible, go for double-walled or double-lined boxes with corrugated sides, such as the mailing boxes and other packaging materials from suppliers like UK Packaging. The box you choose should be the proper size as well so you can avoid overfilling or under-filling the box. Make sure not to leave any space or gap inside the box; fill whatever space is there with the proper cushioning materials like bubble wrap, foam, or packing peanuts or even newspapers. 

Here’s a handier guide to choosing the box: if the weight of the parcel is under 5 kilograms, you can go for a single-walled box. But if the weight of the item is more than 5 kilograms, it’s better to choose a double-walled or double-lined box. 

Choosing Packaging Materials 

As already mentioned, you can make good use of a diverse array of packaging materials for your parcels, and this includes bubble wrap, foam, packing pellets or peanuts, and airbags. These are some common items or materials used for packaging, and you should have a good stock of them handy. But each packaging material comes with its own properties or qualities as well, so bear this in mind. 

For instance, bubble wrap is good for cushioning and void filling, and it can also serve as ample protection for most items. But if you want packaging material which can also work as a divider, you can make use of foam pellets or peanuts. Foam wrap is another kind of packaging material which can provide your item with proper cushioning, filling, and protection, whilst airbags are great as void fillers. 

You can also use crumpled paper, but note that crumpled paper is only best when used as a void filler rather than as a cushioning or protective material. Corrugated inserts, on the other hand, can serve as void fillers and protection, and you can also rely on them as dividers, of course. If you want, you can also use shredded cardboard, which is good for void filling, protection, and as a divider for package shipping.

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