The Top Aspects You Should Remember When Selecting A Hookloader For Your Business

business fleet hookloader truck

It doesn’t matter whether you need one hookloader or a whole fleet of hookloaders for your business enterprise – what matters is that you choose ones which are the best fit for your needs. Whether you require a hookloader for your construction business, your waste and recycling business, or other enterprise, choose one as carefully as possible and take several aspects into consideration. Hookloaders are an investment, regardless if you’re looking to buy or hire, and you should always think about how you can best optimise this investment. Here are the top aspects you should remember when selecting a hookloader for your business. 

• You can choose between a tilting or sliding movement for your hookloader, and you can also go for a combination, but each movement will offer its own set of benefits and advantages depending on your situation and the application. For instance, a combination movement which can offer a low angle for body change and the transfer of the body to and from a trailer may be useful, particularly if you are using it for an application with low headroom. 

• You also have to determine how often you need to tip, lower, as well as change the body. Certain applications (such as applications involving waste and recycling) may involve different body changes throughout the daily routine, whilst other applications may need lowering and tipping throughout the day, such as when you use the truck to dump or transport gravel or soil. The faster the hookloader can perform such functions, the more efficient it will be, allowing you to save time as well – and when you save time, this can result in a higher profit too. You should also check for enhanced speed as well as options for sequencing in your hookloader choice. 

• If you are working in similar conditions each day and are usually involved in repetitive or routine tasks, you may not need to pay for additional power reserves as you don’t need it. But if you have applications in which the loads can vary or in which you may need a boost in reach or power, a built-in reserve may be highly useful or even necessary. 

• You also need to think about the kind of controls which can work best with your budget, safety, and work situation. For instance, hookloaders, such as those offered by hookloader hire specialists like CP Davidson, can come with various types of systems for control, from pneumatic control to PLC or programmable logic control. But the proper control isn’t just about how advanced the hookloader is – it is also about having foresight. You may only need or require an outside control system today, but in the near future, you may also require radio control. Think about what you may need in the future and plan your investment accordingly, especially when it comes to the flexibility of your chosen hookloader. 

 You should also think about various safety standards, particularly if you need to follow set regulations. Don't ever underestimate the safety of your workers and the public, and look for a hookloader which comes with the right safety elements, which include safety interlocks, automatic latches, stabilisers, and so on. You may also want to look for smart functionality which can give you a warning if there is a prospective issue or problem.

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