5 Reasons To Bet Big On The Sports Betting Industry

reasons bet big sports betting industry

Sports betting has always been a big industry, whether it's been legal or not. But these days sports betting isn't limited to just Las Vegas, shady bookies, or sites on the dark web. Sports betting is being legalized, accepted, and popularized in more states and countries than ever before. It's an exploding industry that you should bet on as a participant or an investor. Here are 5 reasons why:

New States Legalizing Sports Betting Like New Jersey

A lot more states in the U.S. have legalized sports betting besides Nevada, home to the betting capital of the world: Las Vegas. Those states include New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Delaware, Oregon, New Mexico, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania with many others recently passing or proposing legalization bills. For example, sports betting in new jersey has been legal for about a year now and it's exploded in popularity and tax revenue. 

Right now New Jersey has the following racetracks and casinos available for legalized gambling in person:

- Meadowlands Racing & Entertainment Racetrack
- Monmouth Park Racetrack
- Bally's Atlantic City
- Borgata Hotel Casino 
- Golden Nugget Hotel Casino 
- Hard Rock Hotel Casino
- Tropicana Casino
- Resorts Atlantic City Casino

There are also nearly two dozen websites that allow legal online betting for New Jersey residents.

Other states have followed suit or are in the process of following suit. It's a great way for states and the federal government to earn additional tax revenue without raising overall individual or business taxes across the board.

Increased Online Betting Websites And Apps

Another major reason to bet big on the betting industry is that there are a lot more more websites and mobile apps than there used to be. Each one of them has a lot of money invested into their success as well which means they have actively growing the marketplace with new features, offers, marketing, and advertising. DraftKings and FanDuel are the leaders in the industry right now. Sports bettors can also refer to the best pay per head sportsbook reviews to improve their chances of winning. It's now possible to bet bigger and win more often, even if you are just a beginner.

Improved Betting Technology

Betting online through websites and mobile apps used to be a little bit less secure and more sketchy than it is today. Websites and applications weren't always on the level or secure. Payments might be delayed or never come in from sites with poor reputation. These days things are more secure, regulated, and dependable than ever... at least for the most part. You can even bet with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin now!

More Sports To Bet On 

We live in a golden age of sports and there are more sports than ever before. You can watch sports around the globe any time with a click on a television, smartphone, computer, or tablet. You aren't even restricted to sports popular in your country. You could watch cricket in India one minute and curling in Canada the next! And let's not forget the plethora of fantasy sports that you can play. You can even bet on professional wrestling match outcomes like WWE and AEW even though the results are scripted!

Greater Social Acceptance For Gambling

Gambling has been around forever and sports betting has been around since the beginning of sports. Admittedly, gambling and sports betting haven't always had the greatest public images associated with them. But these days sports betting has a better public perception. Sports are so mainstream and embedded in our new media that betting is more normalized and fun. Fantasy sports and social media have definitely played a major role in that, along with a younger and more progressive generation. Like marijuana, the public consensus tide has turned, with legalization and popularization being the outcome. Online sports betting in Canada and other nations is also a growing industry.

Bet Big On The Sports Betting In New Jersey Industry

As you can see, the future is quite bright for the sports betting industry, especially in newly legalized states like New Jersey. For these reasons and more, we encourage you to bet big on the sports betting industry in the years to come. Remember that you have to play to win, and you have to bet big to win big!

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