How To Persuade Your Staff That Company ID Cards Are A Good Idea

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As an organisation it’s important that you take the care and safety of your employees seriously. Heaps of businesses have already adopted the ID card system as a safety strategy but also because of the other benefits it brings. 

There’s lots of debate as to whether ID cards are necessary or not but no matter how big or small your company is ID cards and badges are very important and play a huge part in company culture. 

For some staff the idea of wearing an ID card around their neck all day every day is not celebrated. If this is the battle you are facing, here’s how you can persuade them that company ID cards are, in fact, a good idea: 

It Makes Them Look More Professional 

Assure your staff that an ID card doesn’t have to just be used as a safety measure. It’s also an opportunity to display and promote the company’s logo and branding both inside and outside of the office and give the impression that the company acts in a professional manner. So, whilst they’re strutting round town on their lunch break, they will know that they look professional. It also suggests that what you do and the security of your staff is taken very seriously. 

Makes Visitors More Identifiable 

Clearly labelled visitor ID cards that stand out from the employee cards will make it much easier to identify visitors that are wondering around the office space. This will help employees to know who they are meeting with and where they are from and it will also help security staff to spot when a visitor has strayed to an area they shouldn’t have. 

It Will Make Them Feel More Secure 

Knowing that entry and exit to the building is monitored and all visitors are clearly identified will make your employees feel much safer in their work environment. 

As well as monitoring entry and exits, ID Card Software can also track and monitor access to certain areas of the building or different departments. It can identify who was and wasn’t in the office at a particular time, which can also improve security and can be valuable in certain situations. 

The ID cards are also a great way of categorizing employees by their seniority or security levels. If your company deals with confidential or sensitive information these cards can manage access to restricted areas and will decrease the chance of any security breaches. This could be a vital point in persuading them that ID cards are a good idea. 

Improve Relationships With Customers 

ID badges can also help clients or customers identify specific members of staff, which helps to build customer and employee rapport. It can also help an employee prove to potential customers that they are legitimate. This all makes the customers experience better and after all that’s what is most important, right? 

Improve Workplace Relationships 

There’s nothing worse than starting a new job and not knowing anyone’s names. If you frequently hire new employees, you might want to think about investing in ID cards for your staff so that it makes it easier for new arrivals to learn the team’s names. In this case, not only can they improve customer-employee relationships, but they can also develop workplace relationships. 

It could just be that your employees are unaware of the benefits of company ID cards and presenting these benefits to them could help to sway them into thinking that they are valuable. Once they realize how the cards will enhance security, safety and productivity of the organisation they should change their minds.

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