How To Book A Business Restaurant Meeting Venue

how to book best business dinner meetings company restaurant venues

When it comes to choosing the right venue and restaurant for your business engagements in the UK, it can be a little overwhelming. There are countless locations with different ratings, reservation policies, food offerings, spaces, dress codes, costs, and meeting spaces to go through. Every spot has its pros, cons, options, and limitations. It can be a real headache if you don't know how to navigate the UK restaurant and business venue scene. These obstacles can also take your attention away from the actual goals of your restaurant meetings, functions, and presentations.

Below are 4 simple steps to cut through the clutter and book the right rooms and restaurant reservations to maximize your business results.

1. Define Your Business Booking Needs

The first step is determining exactly what you are you looking for. Are you looking for a small, casual, and intimate pub or restaurant to meet a couple potential clients? Are you seeking a large upscale restaurant for meeting with a large team, department, or vendor group? Are you trying to find the ideal restaurant venue for a company party? Are you planning on hosting a team building event for employees? Are you looking to host a full function / networking event / conference where you would need a large venue holding hundreds of people and a stage for presenters? 

These scenarios, and everything in between, are all very unique and will help you to narrow down your potential restaurants and venues. Budget is also a large consideration as well.

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2. Use Squaremeal To Book Your Restaurant Or Meeting Venue

There are some different options to help you organize and outline your business restaurant booking. But the best option by far for booking your restaurant or meeting venue in London or elsewhere in the UK is squaremeal. They offer a wide variety of incredibly useful services like top restaurant lists, special offers, rewards, gift cards, restaurant news, promotions, industry insights, team building ideas, caterers, and concierge. They are the experts you need to get you organized and optimized with your restaurant and venue hall business booking.

They also happen to handle restaurant and venue bookings for all occasions besides business including weddings and various parties. Keep that in mind in case you need their services outside of your business activities!

3. Schedule Followup Meetings And Events 

After you book your restaurant or venue with Squaremeal, it's time to start planning your followup business meetings and events. Making sure to follow up with potential customers can greatly increase your success rate. If you hosted a successful event then you want to use that momentum to carry over to your next networking event, meetup, or presentation.

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4. Make Adjustments For Future Meeting Plans 

Once you have a few dinners, events, or presentations under your belt it's time to make adjustments. What did or didn't work? How could things have gone smoother? What lessons did you learn from your outings? These are all valuable considerations for your future meetings and event planning to perfect the process. 

Also consider providing your feedback to different restaurants and meeting venues through review platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, Trip Advisor, and others. If there was an issue at any of the restaurants they may be perceptive to making adjustments or even providing you and your business colleagues with a discounted or complimentary offering. 

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Master Meals And Meetings

Now that you know how to better book your business meetings and venues, you can focus on actually closing that client, making the sale, promoting your brand, or finalizing that contract. Good luck with your meeting and remember your ABC's: Always Be Closing!

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