How To Efficiently Transcribe Academic Papers

how to efficiently transcribe academic papers transcription

Transcription is essentially a process which converts speech to a written format. A good transcriptionist will be able to multitask, and they will also be able to type with speed too. If you are concerned about your transcription ability or if you want to be able to transcribe for your academic papers then you can find out what you need to know, right here. 

Use The Right Equipment 

The first thing that you need to do is invest in the right equipment. If you don’t have high-quality headphones then you won’t be able to transcribe properly at all. After all, you won’t be able to hear the audio and you may even find that you have to go over the audio again and again. Good quality headphones don’t have to be expensive either because the only thing that you need to look out for is the frequency range. 


Good transcription software gives you the chance to rewind, speed up and even slow down your audio. This can be done via hotkeys or even shortcuts. This will help you to 2 improve your speed and it will also help you with your accuracy too. It should also be noted that there are so many types of academic transcription software out there and that some of them can even take care of the whole transcription for you. This is done through AI technology with state-of-the-art coding. 

Correction Tools 

Correction tools include Autocorrect in MS Word. This can help you to reduce the amount of keystrokes you use when typing. The best thing about enabling features like this is that they can help you to make your transcription much faster and they can also help you with your accuracy. Tools like this are often turned on by default, but if you know that you have turned yours off in the past, then it may be worth trying to re-enable them. 


Some word processing software downloads will give you the chance to auto-complete words. This gives you the chance to write abbreviations and it is also a fantastic way for you to type faster. You will need to set the abbreviations you want when you use this feature, but when you have everything set up, you will soon see that you can use it to your advantage. 

Foot Pedal 

Using a foot pedal is one of the best ways for you to really make the most out of your transcriptionist experience. A lot of transcription programs are designed to work with a foot pedal and sometimes you can even connect them via a USB port. USB pedals allow you to start and stop audio without having to hit any kind of key. This will make the job much faster and it will also help you to be more efficient. Things like this are ideal if you are a student because they essentially mean that you are able to do it on the go. Most pedals are very small and they are portable too, which adds to the experience even more.

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