How Sport Hating Mums Can Get Involved In Gambling

sport hating mums get involved gambling tv betting sports politics

My husband really enjoys casino games and sports and I have to be honest I used to get pretty jealous that he had this fun thing which could occasionally win win some money. Personally I am not a sports fan nor a fan of casino games, so I had to find a way of getting involved with a little bit of gambling to get my kicks. I was surprised to learn that there are in fact many other things beyond sport which you can gamble on, and if you check out this website you’ll see what I mean. There are many things for sports hating mums to bet on, and here is a small sample of some markets which are available. 


It’s fair to say that Britain is in quite the mess at the moment, a topic which I won’t bore you with right now, mainly because I don’t really have a clue what is going on! Regardless, if you fancy yourself as a political thinker and you have an idea who will win by-elections or who will be the next prime minister, you can find some great odds on a range of candidates. We talk about it enough, so why not put your money where your mouth is and try and win some cash? 

TV Betting 

I may not be a sports fan but give me a soap and a variety show and I’m one happy lady. This was the greatest discovery that I made when I realized that I could bet on the outcome of my favorite shows, and you will feel the same if you love a bit of TV. Whether it is the Great British Bake Off, Strictly Come Dancing, Britain’s Got Talent or the X-Factor, you can place some money on who you think the winner will be, or even who you think may get voted out this week. Given that these shows are on each week they give you a lot of options to lay your money down. 

You may also find some other TV specials when there is a big story in one of the soaps, if there is a whodunnit in Corrie then you’ll find that you can put your money on the person you suspect, great fun! 


When it is time for the annual Academy Awards or the BAFTAs, you’ll also find a wide range of choices which you can bet on depending on who you think is going to win. Admittedly I have been out of luck on this front so far, but I’m sure that is because the Academy got it wrong rather than myself. Nonetheless this is a great way to boost the entertainment value of watching the lengthy award shows, and I have had a great deal of fun losing money as I watched, I understand that this is not the aim of betting however! 

If you hate sports and games, you can still have some fun betting on markets like these.

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