5 Elements of the Perfect Paystub Template

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Are you a business owner considering what to include in your paystub template?

Processing payroll is an important part of operating your company. To operate your business most efficiently, you need a plan in place to ensure payroll is made accurately and on time.

In today's digital age, many companies are using payroll stub templates to help improve accuracy and decrease the time it takes to process payment to employees.

But how can you make the most of your template?

Read on to learn 5 elements of the perfect paystub template!

1. Include the Essentials

A paycheck stub template must include all of the essential information to properly identify the recipient.

But what is considered 'essential information' for a paycheck stub?

This information includes the recipient's name, address, phone number, and employee identification number, if applicable.

If you have different payment scales or classifications, you should also include this information so that there is no question about how someone's pay is calculated.

2. Easy to Read

Any paystub example you find online or in an office must be easy to read. 

A paystubs web generator is a great tool to use to create the best paystub for your business. As you will see when you access the website, the paystub has easily readable headings and information.

By ensuring you have properly spaced out this information, you can sort through these paystubs quickly. This can be particularly helpful if you are a business that distributes physical paystubs to your employees each week.

3. Accurate Information

You and your employees should take time to ensure that the information on your paystub template is accurate.

This means taking time to use proper spelling and grammar for headings, as well as double-checking that the proper payor is identified at the top of the paystub. 

For example, you may operate a business with multiple subsidiaries or other sections. Be sure that the correct employer logo and name is on the template for each employee's paystub.

You want to avoid creating a paystub template that identifies the incorrect entity because this will cost you time and money to fix it!

4. Accrued Payments and Taxes

Paystub templates should all include a portion that identifies the accrued payments and taxes for the current fiscal year.

Many businesses have different fiscal years, so be sure that the template you are using has the proper start and stop time. Otherwise, the information that you include on the paystub will be inaccurate.

The taxes section should include figures that reflect federal income taxes (and state taxes, if applicable), social security, and any retirement contributions.

5. Payment Cycles

Depending on how your business operates, you may make payments to your employees weekly, bi-weekly, or bi-monthly. You might even choose to pay employees at a different interval of time.

Regardless of how often you pay your employees, the payment cycle must be clearly identified on your paystub template. 

Otherwise, you put yourself at risk of having disputes over the proper application of payments for the time an employee spent working.

Wrapping Up: The Best Paystub Template

The best paystub template is the one that is tailored to meet the unique needs of your business.

Before you create a paystub template, you should spend some time looking over these five elements and considering any other attributes that are important for the operation of your business.

By taking time to think of these things on the front end, you will eliminate the stress and costs of taking care of them later!

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