5 Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

benefits climate controlled storage locker units

You have some items that you need to store, but you know that they are valuable and you want them to get cared for.

How do you choose the type of storage unit that works best for you?

Climate controlled storage is a great choice for anyone in your situation. You need reliable, effective storage that you know is going to be able to offer protection as well.

Keep reading to learn about the biggest benefits of choosing climate controlled storage over traditional self-storage units.

Climate Controlled Storage: What Are the Benefits?

Climate controlled storage is a storage unit that will stay between 55 and 85 degrees throughout the year. How can they better protect your items than a traditional unit?

Additional Protection Against Temperature

A storage unit that is located outside won't have protection against the hot or cold weather. It also can't protect against humidity.

If you have items that could be sensitive to weather, they could easily warp, fade, or become damaged in other ways as a result of exposure.

A climate controlled unit is going to keep the inside of the unit comfortable for your items.

Humidity Regulation

With the humidity control offered by these units, you don't have to worry about moisture impacting the quality of your items either.

The humidity is going to stay at the same level all the time, so your electronics, paper items, and anything else will stay safe.

Not all of the units have this option, so check to be sure that yours does if it is something you need.

Improved Air Quality

Many times the air in an outdoor unit is not going circulate well, so indoor units are the better choice for traditional units.

The air in a climate controlled unit is going to be regulated, however, so you wouldn't even have to worry about it.

Keep Out Pests

Climate controlled units are indoors, so there is much less risk of pests, insects, or rodents getting in.

When the unit is located outdoors, these creatures have an easier time finding crevices or cracks near the door hinge that they may be able to squeeze through. Indoor units, on the other hand, have a better seal and are less likely to be infested.

Dust and Debris

Because of the tiny cracks and crevices that outdoor units are more likely to have, other stuff can get inside as well. This include stuff like dirt, dust, debris, or other unwanted things.

The lack of insulation on the outdoor units will be a factor here.

Luckily, indoor units with climate control are sealed more tightly and have better-insulating barriers to keep these unwanted things out.

Store Your Items Today

With climate controlled storage unit lockers, your items will stay safe and secure.

Not only do you not have to worry about the outside elements, but you'll also know that your items are safe in their storage unit locker from things like rodents or even high temperatures.

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