5 Amazon Marketing Tips and Tricks to Sell More Products

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Each month, Amazon gets 230 million visitors from the United States alone. Using the best Amazon marketing tips will help you attract more buyers to your store.

Amazon is the largest e-commerce storefront in the world. How you market your products will determine how much money you'll get from Amazon's traffic.

Here are 5 things you should know about marketing on Amazon.

1. High-Quality Product Images

Knowing how to market Amazon products means paying close attention to pictures. Amazon requires a white background for the main image of your product. (The company realized early on that images with white backgrounds generated more sales.)

The rest of your images don't need a white background, but they must be high-quality and attractive. 

When choosing your 5 to 9 pictures, include pictures of your product in action.

Images should also be at least 1,000 x 1,000 pixels in size to qualify for the zoom feature.

2. Descriptive Store And Product Titles

Anyone who's interested in learning how to sell more on Amazon should pay attention to the titles of their listings. The title is one of the first things people notice about a listing. Good titles are descriptive and contain strong keywords.

A good Amazon marketing strategy usually has an even better keyword strategy. Research different search terms to see which ones are most relevant. Then incorporate these keywords into your title.

Always include your brand name, the product's name, and any specific features your product has.

3. Get The Prime Badge

By joining the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) or Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) programs, you get the Prime badge displayed near your products. This means you're eligible to sell products through Amazon Prime. That Prime badge attracts more buyers to your products by making them trust you as a seller more.

With FBA, Amazon stores, packs, and ships products for you. Because of the Prime badge, Amazon FBA marketing is easier than marketing without FBA.

SFP, however, requires you to store, pack, and ship products on your own. You have to fulfill certain requirements to join, but the increased business is worth it. Learn more about how to join SFP on the Amazon.com website.

4. Start a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs keep customers coming back for more. They also encourage brand loyalty.

Establish a loyalty program to encourage repeat customers. Include rewards once they've spent certain amounts.

5. Social Media Marketing

Your storefront and brand should be accessible via social media. That way, customers can tag you in social media reviews and conversations.

Maintain branded accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. Post about all product updates there.

Embrace The Power of Amazon Marketing

As of now, there are over 100 million Prime members on Amazon. Effective Amazon marketing tricks help you tap into this customer base.

Prime members are more willing to spend money than other consumers are. For the record, around 62% of Amazon buyers have Prime benefits. 

Invest in your brand⁠ — read more of our digital marketing and ecommerce sales articles. The knowledge will benefit your retail or online store business big time. It's time to start selling more on Amazon.com!

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