How To Advertise On Amazon: 4 Must-Know Tips To Inform Your Marketing Strategy

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Every Amazon seller knows that competition is stiff on the world’s largest online marketplace. With over 5 billion estimated visits each month, it’s no wonder that more and more business owners are looking towards updating their classic marketing strategy to something tailored for the platform itself. 

With this in mind, here are four vital tips for a successful Amazon ad campaign. Whether a business aims to save time and money on marketing or to boost their rankings and conversion rates on Amazon, there are similar facts to be aware of. 

Indulge In Sponsored Ads Where Possible And Where Necessary 

One great thing about sponsored or paid product placements on Amazon is that they don’t stand out from non-sponsored products in search listings. There is a small badge that distinguishes them from products that rank organically; however, overall, they blend into other relevant search results. This means that a sponsored product is essentially placed as a native advertisement in search results, without business owners having to bend over backwards to rank organically (though this is, of course, a preferable alternative). 

Amazon sellers who choose to run sponsored ads are able to target specific keywords relevant to their products when they do pay for advertisements on the platform. Many sponsored ads are typically scattered throughout the first page of search results, meaning that they can rank higher faster than other non-sponsored products. 

As with classic SEO strategies, it’s important to undertake adequate keyword research before running an ad campaign on Creating an automatic targeting campaign on Amazon can also help to ensure the correct keywords are being used throughout any marketing strategy on the marketplace. Many business owners also value being able to easily experiment with which keywords to target and which are lower-value than they may have seemed before a certain amount of experimentation. 

It’s vital to remember to stay up-to-date with any ad campaigns on Amazon, which can mean a weekly (or even daily) review of the latest analytics for business owners. This data can inform future bids, product expansions, and ad campaigns, enabling sellers to invest more marketing budget into products that are already selling well. 

Enrol With Amazon’s FBA Service And Use The Associated Marketing Tools 

Amazon’s FBA service (with FBA standing for ‘fulfillment by Amazon’), business owners no longer have to worry about things like product storage, packaging, and shipping. FBA services can also mean that products are seen on search results with a ‘prime’ badge and next-day shipping, which can be the difference between making a sale or not for many sellers. 

Not only this but Amazon FBA services is also affiliated with a great deal of marketing software that can easily optimise a strategy for selling on the platform. Three such tools are AMZFinder, AMZBase, and AMZ Promoter. 

AMZFinder places emphasis on managing reviews for sellers. Since reviews are one of the most important metrics for success on the platform, it’s vital that sellers pay attention to how many reviews their products have and what they say. With AMZFinder, reviews from all across the world are collected in one easy-to-manage space while also allowing sellers to directly email customers to ask them to review their products. This can prove to be drastically more effective than Amazon’s typical automatic prompt emails. 

AMZBase focuses more on market research, allowing sellers to understand where there is room for their business to expand. This tool also allows Amazon sellers to research how similar products perform on other eCommerce websites. 

AMZ Promoter does what many might expect- it can promote the business of whoever chooses to use it. This can be done by creating a landing page that drives traffic to an independent business page rather than Amazon. This can be useful for sellers who would prefer to keep their business thriving just as much outside of Amazon as it does on the platform. 

Be Aware Of Amazon SEO 

By now, many are aware that Amazon’s unique brand of SEO is slightly different to that of other search engines, like Google. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing- Amazon is excellent at anticipating and capitalising on the search intent of its users, after all. However, it can also present an issue for business owners who might otherwise consider themselves SEO experts. 

Of course, many fundamentals are fairly similar- keyword research, understanding search intent, and writing engaging product descriptions are all just as vital (if not more) on Amazon as they are anywhere else. However, product pages may need to be updated more frequently, and ad campaigns may unleash data that requires more in-depth analysis than the uneducated are able to handle. Couple this with the fact that Amazon’s guidelines for sellers are constantly evolving, and it’s not hard to be swept up in the current. 

Hire An Amazon Marketing Agency 

Many business owners are open to working with an Amazon agency in order to help themselves succeed on the platform. An Amazon marketing agency can help with everything from customer service to implementing the complex marketing tools available to FBA sellers. 

Not only this, but sellers who choose to work with proven experts can also save a lot of time when it comes to trial and error on the platform. Since most Amazon agencies have prior business experience, they will also have prior knowledge of which marketing strategies work and which do not. They can also save sellers the time and investment required to learn the intricacies of Amazon SEO and best advertising practices in-depth, leaving business owners with the ability to focus on expanding and further developing their position in the wider market.

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