Explore The New Updates That JD.com Will Make In The Next Decade

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Since 2003, the evolution of JD has got to a point where the CEO has to decide how to globalize the company. All the research, structural implementation, and brand awareness achieved in China should apply to a larger scale, so the e-commerce giant gets closer to be the best retailer in the world. 

The method of Richard Liu has been creating a reliable service in the country, which requires a different approach when attempting an expansion in other markets. What will happen to JD.com for the following years? 

The Global Influence Of JingDong 

Knowing that the company has made incredible achievements since its foundation, the progress will be more accelerating if Liu Quingdong prepares for future technology opportunities. The Internet Of Things may be the piece that the CEO is looking to restructure the organization. In previous interviews, Liu Quingdong has explained how the economic and political structure of China has separated its commercial activity from the US and Europe. Like many other retail businesses, Amazon has also had several complications dealing with Chinese restrictions in commerce. 

Richard Liu believes that an inverted strategy could work to spread the excellent technology of JD.com to the world. Instead of letting foreign businesses to expand towards China, JD will master the Chinese e-commerce market, initiating the global change. As he likes to explain it, change won’t happen towards China, but from China. 

What Can Be Expected In The Next Few Years? 

With the beginning of the AI movement, the JD executive plans a sequence that consists of the inclusion of JD from Southeast Asia to America, previously going through the Middle East and European markets. 

Richard wants to level up the company while JD moves forward, which can benefit customers in all possible aspects. 

• Fast Shipping

JD engineers can build a network of self-driving transportation trucks and delivery drones, depending on the weight, distance, and shipping plan selected. As for international customers, the implemented technology will keep shipping deadlines accurate, while Chinese clients can receive packages in a matter of minutes. The team remarks on the importance of utilizing drones to accelerate delivery. These vehicles can ignore the traffic problems that used to delay the transportation process. With a little more research, these drones can complete urgent-shipping orders among countries in a matter of days. 

• Improved Price-Quality Relation:  

The 5G technology allows to automate production processes, reducing costs and saving time, either for the seller and the consumer. Users can now enjoy superior levels of quality and resistance with their products. The automation updates will be instrumental for JD to save more time and resources, which will be required for its globalization. 

A common problem among online entrepreneurs is that service quality reduces as the customer base expands. That happens because the resources and structure are not developed enough to serve more clients, which ends up limiting the growth of the business. Richard Liu believes in technology as the solution to such a concerning problem. 

Once engineers create the required AI programs, Liu Quingdong can replicate the model of JD several times without reducing the service performance. 

How To Become The Most Reliable Trustworthy Company In The World? 

When implementing IoT in Jingdong, the features offered will help visitors to find items the online store faster, and also receive them in record time. When thinking globally, JD.com should present to new customers as a company bringing superior customer protection and chain production abilities. The right approach will make more people feel confident buying in JingDong outside China.

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