Xia Ding of JD.com Describes Fashion Phenomenon

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Xia Ding is known around the world, especially amongst fashionistas, as the president of Jingdong or JD.com. The fashion company was formerly known as 360buy and functions as a Chinese e-commerce company out of Beijing. Ding was recently featured by the Wall Street Journal for her role in helping the company to grow and embrace the major fashion trends that are driving consumers to buy. She is gaining fame around the world for her ability to dive into an international corporation and propel it into a new retail space. 

It has really only been two years that JD.com has been involved in the retail fashion game. The company was previously known for selling electronics out of China. What has been especially promising about Ding's involvement in the company's growth is that she has been able to carve out a massive space for the company in the fashion industry within such as short time. Xia Ding has been the driving force in pushing Jingdong into the luxury fashion sector. She has done a fabulous job connecting with the company's wealthier customer base. When asked about the changing fashion trends for that subset of consumers, Ding believes that name brands have become less of a priority. Consumers are willing to wear nondescript t-shirts while carrying a luxury brand handbag. The key is in providing quality and individuality that Chinese customers crave without relying solely on name brands to carry consumer demand. 

Rather than pushing a set of trends on consumers that they might not be ready to embrace, Ding takes her cues from the customers themselves. Xia Ding is committed to providing them with the quality choices they crave to allow themselves to express their individuality. The days of choosing fashion items in order to fit in with the crowd are likely far behind us. Ding maintains a delicate balance of anticipating what major trends are on the horizon without ignoring consumer demand at the moment. This means that her inventory management skills have been carefully honed, which is one of the reasons why Jingdong is expected to continue posting impressive profits for years to come. 

More Information On Jingdong 

Jingdong is one of the largest and fastest growing e-commerce companies in China. Last year, it boasted more than 301 million active users. The deals that it maintains with Walmart and other major retail giants throughout the world make JD.com a top contender in B2C international commerce. Richard Liu serves as the chairman of Jingdong and has vast experience in logistics and supply chain management. This business started as a family run company that has expanded into a global giant in recent years. 

One of the reasons why Jingdong has been so successful since Ding took on her leadership role at the company is that Richard Liu provides all of the business and logistics support necessary. This means that Ding can focus exclusively on what she does best in anticipating fashion trends and working with major brands to source the styles that are bound to be in high demand with customers. Ding has been heralded as a visionary and leader in the fashion space because she is so forward-thinking in anticipating what customers will want and delivering a wide selection of fashion choices from all of the top fashion brands across the world. Richard Liu is a master at fostering and managing relationships with leading fashion brands, which has created a lasting pipeline of premium products for Jingdong customers to buy.

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