Low Cost Start Up Businesses Online

how to start low cost startup businesses online

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? What if you could do it online? Believe it or not, since it’s the year 2019, it’s a lot easier than you may believe, and more people are becoming successful business owners online quickly. Even those who are sole proprietors and freelancers can become true business owners, and eventually get their ideas off of the ground. From drop shipping websites, to affiliate marketers, to freelance writers and web designers – the possibilities are truly endless on what you can be. In this short guide we’ll tell you how working at home can greatly help you, and how you can do it successfully. 

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Why Online Businesses Are Booming 

First off, nobody likes boring day to day jobs. They complain and nag about it, but they feel they have to. This is merely because they’re afraid to try something they want to do, and this is what causes them to not ever pursue or succeed online work. Starting your own business, even though it may require some extra time and effort, and maybe even a little bit of money and self-financing on your own part, can actually get you out of that hump. 

Who Do I Work For? 

When you start your own business, even as an entrepreneur you don’t answer to anyone other than yourself, and your customers or clients. You do have to keep this in mind. You set your own hours, your own time, and you get what you put into it. Therefore, if you don’t work hard, you may not get the reward that you’re wanting to see from your clients, or get a bad review once in a while. To avoid this, always try to do your best, and take things with a grain of salt, but learn from mistakes. Having a growth mindset is the key to success. 

How Can I Make Money Online? 

Believe it or not, start blogging. Believe it or not, you can blog about anything and everything, and as you evolve your writing, you can join affiliate programs that can actually earn you money. Of course blogging just by itself isn’t a big revenue maker, but it is a start. 

You can start advertising, joining Amazon’s affiliate marketing, publish Google AdSense ads on your blog, join freelance websites for writing, help other business owners at what they do and be a virtual assistant. You can learn SEO and marketing by helping other businesses with their advertising. Do you like photography? You can even take amazing photos, and get paid to take those photos and list them on sites that offer stock photos to those who are in need (believe it or not, a lot of people pay for these). 

Blog flipping is another way to get things done. If you have some experience, you will start a blog that has a lot of marketable material, and you can actually build a good following, start to generate the income and revenue plus traffic of the site, then sell it on the domain market, and you don’t have to actually maintain the blog forever. 


You do have to learn some money management tactics and learn about self-employment taxes when it comes to starting your own online business. Want to sound even more professional? You can usually very easily request a tax identification number or employer identification number for free if you’re wanting to start your own business from your tax agency. Start accepting payments under this “entity” and you can start claiming and paying taxes as a business, learning things like home office deductions, and more in order to save your money on taxes in the future as well.

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