Business Developments: 5 Original Ideas From The USA

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More than 300 million people live in the United States of America - only a very active and productive business can serve, dress and feed such a number of people. Therefore, don’t be surprised that America has become the birthplace of a huge number of business ideas spread around the world. 

For example, a modern traveler who has a road trip to the USA has the opportunity to pick up a car from Hertz at Hillsboro airport. And it’s very convenient, since there’s no need to waste time traveling by the bus or train. 

As you can see, a successful thought can bring billions to the entrepreneur, as the number of potential customers in the country is large. In addition, in many areas, America is a trendsetter for the rest of the continents. As proof, here’re some unique fresh ideas for doing business in the USA… 

City Farms 

The idea of ​​growing agricultural products in the conditions of the city probably didn’t belong to Elon Musk, but it was his company Square Roots who launched the startup. In itself, the design of urban farms is simple and doesn’t require billions of dollars of investment. 

Plants grow in plastic containers mounted in vertical rows with hydroponic irrigation. Water consumption due to the rational allocation of land is reduced fivefold, compared with traditional agriculturing. The advantages of the idea are not only in saving moisture, but also in minimizing transport costs, as well as in the mobility of these urban farms and their compactness. 

They can be located near points of sale, and if necessary transported to another place. All that is needed is the presence of a water supply system and an electric network. Representatives of Square Roots don’t extend about the taste and naturalness of products, but it can be assumed that they fully comply with American standards. 

Homemade Food Business 

The principles of healthy eating are actively promoted in America - they also do business on the right food. The novelty of Chop’t Cafe is that it offers customers to create their own salad. The visitor chooses vegetables, fruits and other ingredients - they are immediately cut into empty containers by the cook and seasoned with sauce. A portion of fresh salad for an individual order costs from $8 to $ 14. 

Other catering establishments mount small-format ovens with a grill directly in the tables so that visitors can cook hot food from fresh pieces of meat or fish on their own. The idea itself was originally from Japan, but it managed to become extremely popular in restaurants of New York. 

Vending Machines with Hot Food and Fresh Salads 

The Americans' interest in healthy food was picked up by the creators of vending machines. Lux Saunders from Chicago created the Farmer’s Refrigerator vending machine selling fresh salads. The ingredients are packed in layers in a special jar so that the products don’t spontaneously mix. Every morning servings are updated. The creator of the startup was indignant that harmful food can be bought at every corner, and useful food only in special restaurants. Now the network of Saunders is expanding. 

Another profitable small business in the USA was the invention of hot vending machines. This startup also grew out of Americans' desire for healthy nutrition. A microwave is built in the machine, which heats the food. The price of the device is from $ 10,000. 

Decaying Plastic Dishes 

According to Freedonia Group Inc, the market for disposable tableware in the United States is growing at 3.5-4% per year - the annual turnover in this area is approaching $20 billion. But soon the usual plastic will be displaced by dishes from biodegradable plastic resin and recyclables. 

Bioplastics technology is constantly being improved - America is a leader in this matter. For example, Biofase launched a business on plates and forks made from avocado seeds processed into biomass, while California-based Reduce.Reuse.Grow specializes in biodegradable paper coffee cups. The know- how of the latter is the incorporation of seeds into the glass body: after decomposition of the dishes, the seeds germinate and green the city. 

Production and Maintenance of Phytowalls  

Every housewife and house husband knows that decorative plants give the house a special atmosphere. However, the idea of ​​creating an entire vertical surface from them appeared relatively recently, and, of course, in America. 

The essence of the idea is that a plastic or metal frame structure is created, including boxes for ornamental plants and guiding elements. The system was not without modern technologies, but they are simple. 

Basically, automation includes a programmed hydroponic irrigation and is implemented through a timer. The business is not only the manufacture of the frame and the provision of irrigation. 

Often, customers are large offices or individuals who don’t have specialized knowledge. They are willing to pay for beauty and comfort on a regular basis. Phytowalls can be built both for interior and exterior installation.

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