Video Advertising And Social Media For Your Business: A Strategic Point Of View

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Contributed By Harish Chandra

Years ago, people didn't have much choice about the ads they see on TV, let alone how long and how frequent they'd like to see them. Thanks to the rise of social media, consumers now get to have a say about what brands matter to them and which they'd like to spend their money on. 

Here’s an interesting point of view on how video advertising and social media can work wonders for small time entrepreneurs who want to make it big: 

The Big Three 

One aspect of social media marketing that's allowing marketers to deftly target their content to the right audience in the right platform at the right time is video advertising. If a consumer has been active on social media lately, whether for a minute or for five hours, chances are that they'd have seen a barrage of five to thirty second video ads that can make them curious about that brand. 

Video advertising has become essential to social media marketing. It has invaded big chunks of social media space as of late. Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn all have ads within their platforms. These platforms are basically canvases that allow marketers to creatively extend brand awareness and engagement. 

The Perfect Combination 

It’d be foolish not to capitalize on technology to further extend the reach and power of video ads. There are lots of social media strategies that involve programs that have powerful capabilities. Websites such as and other strong sites online all utilize technology with the right content, right platform, and the right time. 

Combining this with the ease and comfort of using social media on their phones, video ads allow for content to be strategically positioned where social media users can view ads and learn about brands in a non-intrusive way. 

With the right blend of strategy and technology, startups and other small-time business owners will surely feel a surge in their first few months a campaign. When everything is at its peak, a business that utilizes these types of strategies are sure to grow and expand in no time. 

Attention Span 

More appealing than TV or print media, video ads are easier to view and immerse given the shorter attention span of consumers these days. Millennials, the bulk of social media users, look at videos to learn about brands faster and easier because they're brief, immersive and connect with consumers in a shorter span of time. 

This is especially the case with interactive videos on mobile that allow for content viewing on the go and lets the viewer decide how he'd like to view the ad. Video ads also pull customers in and helps recalling the brand easier after watching the ads than reading about it in a newspaper, for instance. 

Moreover, video advertising incorporated into social media campaigns also engage the user for longer through repetitive views and interaction via comments and shares. Users can opt to save the link and watch the video later, thus extending the reach of the ad way longer than it would have had it been on print. 

Likeability Matters 

If there's anything that can gleaned from the millions of views that cute dogs and fun pranks amass on a daily basis, it's that consumers respond to video advertising at an unprecedented rate that's bound to increase in the future. Appealing video ads makes it more likely for consumers to share brand information to people within their network rather than being stalked by brands – a sure fire way of annoying customers. 

With consumers investing more of their time on viewing video ads on social media, marketers have to effectively strategize social media marketing content via video ads that don't annoy consumers too much that they opt to see fewer posts like yours or worse, block your ads and therefore your social media marketing efforts. 


Effective digital marketing involves three recipes: the right content should be posted on the right platform at the right time. Video ads ought to follow under the same breath, if not improve at it. As the competition for the customer's attention gets even more intense in the future, so should the push for sensible and marketable video advertising campaigns. 

Fortunately, with high hopes on optimizing video advertising for greater viewability and sales in the future, there is no question that social media marketing is in the right direction and headed for something even bigger.

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